Aegis Gundam


Model Number: GAT-X303 Pilot: Athrun Zala
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: O Form Change: X

One of the 5 Gundam Frames stolen by ZAFT, and the only one capable of transforming. Its Mobile Suit form boasts high speed, and the ability to fight in both close and long range. Its Mobile Armor form is even faster, and has a cannon deadly enough to destroy battleships with ease.


Mobile Suit Move Summary


Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 70 Standard BR
Charged Main Scylla High Energy Cannon   120 Transforms into MA form to fire
Sub Shield Throw  1 55  Stuns on hit
Special Shooting Scylla High Energy Cannon (focused)  1  185 Gerobi


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BBB 174 Standard stuff
 5B~BC  251 Furious attack with every limb
8B 8BB 125 Bounces enemy on hit
 4B 4BB  173 Multi-hit, untechable
 4B~BC  251 Same as 5B~BC
 2B 2B 80 Untechable
CC8B CC8BB 134 Dashes while slashing. First hit stuns
BC BC 172-212 Grab the enemy. Mash B for more damage
BC~A 128 Fires the Scylla at point blank range. Instant down
BC~2A 128 Same as BC~A, but flies upwards slightly before firing
BC~BC 332 Self destruct
2BC   Transform into MA mode and fly away from the enemy
Burst Attack ABC  264 “I’ll Gun You Down!” Despite the name, it’s mostly a melee combo.


Mobile Armor Move Summary

Ranged/ Melee Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Scylla High Energy Cannon 3 120 One-hit down
Sub Beam Rifle (Flip) 1 90 Flips while firing a shot from the Beam Rifle, transforms back to MS
Special Shooting Scylla High Energy Cannon (focused)  1 185 Same as MS Mode’s
Special Melee Claw Grab     Same as MS Mode’s
Melee Rush    80 Charge at the enemy


Cancel Routes: 

A: AB, AC, *BC

AC: MA mode AB

2B: BC



While the Strike Gundam was designed to fulfill one specific purpose at every given time, Aegis was pretty much a perfect Mobile Suit that could do it all. Launcher Strike? Aegis has a cannon just as powerful. Aile Strike? Aegis is just as mobile, and it has an MA mode for even greater speed. Sword Strike? Please, Aegis has 4 blades to shred you with. All that, plus a super sweet shield he can throw at your best friend.

Aegis in this game is an all-purpose 300 Cost, which is kind of a bummer because I think it deserves to be at least 500 cost. As it stands, it has good mobility, high damage output, reliable tools for landing consistent hits, and a dangerous melee set. 

The key to success with Aegis is scoring hit-and-runs with your main, sub, and Scylla attacks, while remaining mobile. Hit the enemy, make them chase you, get away, make them give up chasing you- rinse and repeat. Despite your strong melee set, you’re not fast enough to chase enemies down outside of Blaze burst, so rely more on your ranged tools to create openings. 

Aegis’ only weakness is that it’s in the worst possible cost bracket. It plays like a 400 cost, and could really use the extra boost and HP. On the other hand, if it was 200 cost, imagine how many times you could self destruct on the enemy. Regardless, as it is, Aegis is more than good enough to drag its opponents to the bottom of the sea of space, like the robotic squid that it is.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
It’s a beam rifle, and it does beam rifle-y things. This cancels into pretty much everything you need it to. 

Charged Main: Scylla Energy Cannon 

2.5 second charge. Goes into MA mode while advancing, and fires the Scylla. Leaving the lever in a neutral position will face the muzzle at the enemy prior to firing, while left and right inputs will make Aegis fire at roughly a 45-degree angle of the enemy. 

This is a risky move, to say the least. You cannot boost dive or boost dash cancel this move once you have started it, and it’s really easy to get hit out of this if you’re not careful. There is also a minimum range to this move- do not use it at a distance less than 4 practice blocks from the enemy, as chances are you’ll dash right by them before firing into nothing.

Having said that, a one-hit down 120 damage attack cannot be ignored. Using this on enemies who aren’t paying attention to you, or reading the enemy’s horizontal movements and punishing them with 4/6CSA can be very satisfying. You can also hold the boost button after this move is over to remain in MA mode. 

Experiment with this move, and figure out the best timings to pull it off safely.

Sub: Shield Throw

The Tolle-Killer. Throw your mighty shield at the enemy, stunning on hit. The shield has a pretty big hitbox and a decent curve, and you do carry over some inertia prior to throwing this.

One of the cool things about this move is that, since you’re throwing a shield, it can block some hits after being thrown. However the shield isn’t invincible, so it can be destroyed by gerobis or missiles. 

This move can be used for safe setups into your melee combos, or worse, your self destruct. Just remember to use this move safely, as the startup is rather long.

Special Shooting: Scylla (focused)

Gerobi-type Scylla. Relatively good damage for a 300-cost gerobi. It has a long startup, but a quick cooldown.

Because you turn into your MA form to fire this, you can cancel this into your MA mode AB to flip out while firing your beam rifle. You can also continue holding the boost button to stay in MA mode after firing the gerobi.

This move really helps add pressure to your support game. 


Melee Set

Multi-hit combo with your blades. As with most 5B moves, you deal greater damage with less proration, at the cost of being harder to land than a 4B. 

5B/4B Follow-up: Kick Rush

Go absolutely nuts on the enemy with your blades, as if he/she just killed your piano-playing buddy. Lots of hits and good damage. Most importantly, very flashy. Use this for extra damage whenever you’re not afraid of having your combo cut. 


Two-hit combo ending in a ground bounce. Good priority and startup, plus it’s easy to keep the combo going after the ground bounce. 


Overall, a good 4/6B. The hitbox is quite wide, and the chase speed is decent enough to catch up to and pressure suits at your cost or lower. Fast enough to use as a punish on sidestepped enemy melee attempts. Has the same BC follow-up as 5B, so you get decent damage out of this too. 


Two-hit somersault. Can be followed up with the BC claw grab. 


Dashes at the enemy twice while slashing. First hit stuns, second bounces. While 8B has a faster start-up and also bounces on hit, this move dashes further.  

BC: Claw/ Emergency Transformation

2BC is your emergency transformation, everything else will turn you into a claw to grab the enemy.

The emergency transformation causes you to turn into your MA form and fly away from the enemy. In this form, however, you can freely boost dash cancel, dive, and even sidestep, so this maneuver is highly recommended. 

The claw grab is just as obnoxious as it is powerful. After inputting BC, you turn into the claw and dash at the enemy. Upon contact, you will grab onto them, where you can then mash B to crunch down on the enemy repeatedly, before drilling through the enemy. Instead of the drill attack, you can finish off the enemy with any of the following:

A will fire the Scylla Energy Cannon at point-blank range, right into the enemy. This is how Kira should have died. After firing the Scylla you cannot step cancel, but you can boost dash or dive.

2A makes Aegis fly upwards while grabbing onto the enemy, before releasing the same Scylla shot as above. Has the exact same properties as the previous move, the only difference is the flight animation. Obnoxious.

BC is your most obnoxious move of all, and probably why you are reading this guide. Self-destruct! It’s nice to see that Aegis disengages its Phase Shift armor right before the explosion, as a homage to the original scene. 

After self-destructing, Aegis is blown up and your cost gauge takes a 300-cost beating. However, of interesting note is that damage is applied to your opponent prior to yourself- this means that, if you and your opponent’s cost gauge are low enough to mean that either of your deaths means game over, self destructing on the enemy will kill him before you, allowing you to win. 🙂

The resulting explosion also leaves behind a large explosion like GP-02’s nuclear warhead does. Enemies (or teammates) who venture into the explosion take up to 249 damage. Note that if you combo into the self destruct, say, from a beam rifle shot, the resulting explosion will do prorated damage.

This is your hail mary, or your ultimate sign of disrespect. It’s not too hard to combo into this move, but be aware that you should only use it on opponents without a full burst gauge. 

Burst Attack: I’ll Gun You Down!

Standard super armor melee combo. Hits the enemy multiple times, ending in a claw grab>point-blank Scylla. 


MA Mode Move Summary

Main: Scylla Energy Cannon

A large beam that does good damage, and downs the enemy in one-hit. This is very similar to your CSA, but you have more freedom firing this move given that you can freely adjust your firing angle.

This move can be fired off rather rapidly, which can be quite terrifying for the enemy.

Sub: Beam Rifle (Flip)

Cartwheels while transforming back into a Mobile Suit, while firing the beam rifle. The damage of this move is high, but there is quite a lot of rigidity after firing, meaning you can’t boost dash away immediately after unleashing this.

Probably best to boost dive immediately after the flip. This move is useful for keeping your gerobi safe, or simply turning back into your MS mode quickly. 

Special Shooting: Scylla (Gerobi)

Same as your AC in MS mode, only this fires faster because you don’t need to transform first. Cruising in mid-air while waiting for a chance to hit this move is a bread and butter technique for all seasoned Pink Space Squid pilots.

Melee: Drill Rush

Psycho Crusher. Turn into a drill and rush at the enemy, dealing a total of 80 damage. This move comes out really fast and has a good frontal hitbox, but you can’t sidestep out of this, so use this with extreme caution.



  • Despite your good melee combos, you’re not built for fronting. Higher cost and faster Mobile Suits will eat you alive. Instead, poke at the enemy from a distance, and find chances to throw in melee combos when they are not paying attention to you.
  • To play Aegis effectively, constant switching between the MS and MA forms is critical. Using the MA mode adds a whole new dimension of movement, and makes you much harder to predict and punish. 
  • Sometimes, the best self-defense is keeping distance and running away. Aegis’ 2BC is very good for that expressed purpose. Make enemies spend copious amounts of boost chasing you down, and punish them for over-extending.
  • Aegis is easily capable of hitting 250 damage and above with melee combos, so your self destruct becomes somewhat redundant. However, it is that very redundancy that makes it all the more obnoxious when pulled off!
  • Blaze Burst is recommended if you want to take a chance on rushing enemies down with your melee, to turn the tide of battle. If you prefer playing a true support role, Lightning can help increase your mobility and survivability.


Recommended Combos

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