Atlas Gundam


Model Number: RX-78AL Pilot: Io Fleming
Cost: 400 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

A Gundam type unit that was constructed and tested after the One Year War. It received a lot of attention due to its unique design, armaments, and multiple ball-joints. The thrusters on the Sublegs allows it to fly within Earth’s atmosphere for a short period of time.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Railgun 7 70 Physical projectile. Reloads on empty
Charged Main Railgun (Maximum Ouput)     120 High-speed, one-hit down
Sub  Railgun (Strafing Shot)     65 / 117 Strafe to the left or right while firing the railgun twice
Special Shooting   Dash   1  – AC: Dashes forward, melee moves performed as cancels from this move have their reach improved
Assault Rifle   –  124 AC~A: Strafes to the side while firing rifle 
Backflip AC~C: Backflips to cut tracking
Burst Attack Groovy Duel 286 (B)/ 257 (L)  Combo-type Burst Attack



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 170  
5B(B)~8B 121~167 Slashthrough, untechable
5B(B)~2B 238~258 High damage, lockdown
8B 8BBB 175 High damage
 4/6B  4/6BBB  168   
4/6B(B)~8B  121~168 Same as 5B~8B
2B 2B   90 Counters melee, blocks ranged attacks
 CC8B CC8BB  130  Slashthrough then launches
Special Melee (BC)  5BC  126 Shooting Guard
8BC 125 Jump and slash from above
4/6BC  94  Dashes horizontally before charging at the enemy 

Cancel Routes:

AB (cancels can be done after the first shot as well): AB, BC
AC: 8B, BC


The newest Gundam piloted by Io Fleming, a man who gives serious Jazz-whoopings. Atlas has a couple of glaring weaknesses right off the bat: it has a low ranged-damage output, and a short red lock range. This means that as a support unit for a 500 cost, you might find yourself losing out in the damage race even if you are hitting a good number of shots.

However, Atlas shines in other areas that just may validate its purpose on the battlefield. For starters, it has lots of moves that help keep you in motion, making it hard for enemies to read your landing timings. It also has a lot of good tools that allow it to close the distance quickly and safely, allowing for occasional surprise melee attacks. Lastly, Atlas’ weapons are easier to hit than average due to the large projectile sizes, and overall good tracking.

As a whole, Atlas is like an agility-type RPG character that doesn’t do a lot of damage, but does a good job of avoiding damage as well. If you’re a sadist, you might enjoy causing your opponent to get frustrated trying to hit you, while you slowly chip away at his life 🙂

Ranged Weapons

Main: Railgun
Basically, this is a fatter than average “beam rifle” shot that’s actually a physical projectile. Being a physical projectile means that you don’t have to worry about ABC mantles, but you DO have to worry about beams erasing your shots. The multiple cancel routes from this move make it an extremely valuable tool, but watch out for the low ammo count. Because your main only reloads on empty, remember to empty your clip at 1 ammo or so to reload. 4 seconds to reload a full 5 stock ain’t bad at all.

Charged Main: Railgun (Maximum Ouput) 
An easy to hit charged shot thanks to its large size and high travel speed. This is still a physical projectile, so don’t be surprised if it gets erased now and then.

Sub:Railgun (Strafing Shot)

Strafe sideways while firing the railgun twice. Very boost efficient, as it moves you a great distance for the amount of boost spent. 

This is a really good tool for catching landings, as it keeps you in motion while firing multiple shots to try and catch your opponent’s landing more than once. This also has an abundance of cancel routes, meaning you can set up some long sequences to stay continuously in motion… until the overheat penalty kicks in, anyway.

AC: Dash 

Dashes forward to the targeted. Any melee performed after this move will have increased reach. Alternatively, there are two other cancel routes to this:

1) Assault Rifle

Strafes sideways while firing the machine gun. Fires a total of 10 shots, does not down the enemy even on a full hit. This move is similar in movement behavior to your Sub, but it moves you even faster and further. While it has great initial tracking, unlike other machine guns only the first shot tracks, so be careful about having your tracking cut. This move can also be cancelled into any BC, of special note being 8BC which gives you vertical movement. 


Cuts tracking while flipping backwards. Has some good cancel routes in MBON, but this ain’t MBON, so this move is lackluster.

Melee Set


Standard 5B melee sequence. Has two cancel routes.


Slashes through the enemy, putting them in an untechable-down state. Good if you need to end your combo early.


Your big damage combo. While most damaging combos have poor cut resistance, you can actually cancel out of the move before the final explosion, and the move will still do full damage. This means that the combo length is considerably shorter than it looks, so sneaking one of these combos in now and then is not too difficult.


Good damage proration for a melee combo, so useful as a combo starter.


Standard side melee. Just like 5B, has melee cancel routes into 8B and 2B. 


Melee counter which also blocks ranged attacks. The shield is huge as well, so this is a great deterrent against melee-crazy enemies. Unlike most other melee counters, there’s no risk of a 50/50 chance they will shoot you instead of trying to strike you, plus you can sidetep cancel this, so mix this in randomly to keep the opponent guessing.


Standard slice-through.


1) 5BC

Shooting guard melee attack. Does not block explosive rounds. The easiest way to followup after this move is to sidestep forward (88).

2) 8BC

Jumping melee attack (pyonkaku). There is no ground detection on this move, meaning that once you have moved a certain distance, you will slash with your beam sabers even if no one is around. 

This pyonkaku is very similar to Epyon’s CC8B, and is useful for closing the distance on enemies thanks to the jump. Given the approach speed, this may actually be better for scoring melee hits with over your 5BC.

3) 4/6BC

Fast horizontal movement before dashing straight at the enemy to attack. While it may be difficult to hit enemies with this move raw, the quick horizontal movement is very useful when sidestepped out of.

If you intend to hit the enemy with this, gauge the range effectively. Do not do this from too close, or you will be extremely easy to hit.


Burst Attack

Groovy Duel

A rather long but damaging combo. As with all burst attacks, you get super armor on startup. Ends with the same slash Atlas did in its debut episode. Pretty cool. 


  • Atlas is an all-purpose suit, and while it has easy-to-hit moves, its lackluster damage output might mean that you will eventually have to abandon the ranged game and try your luck with melee attacks.
  • Unusual movements are your real weapons. Use your varied movement options to keep the opponent guessing on when you’re going to land or be vulnerable. If you’re not the primary target, use your movement to close the distance, hit the enemy hard, and then back off.
  • Atlas’ tools look very simple at first, but its wide range of cancel routes means your attack or defense efforts are only limited by your imagination. If you find it difficult to remember all its cancel routes, try coming up with your own “formations” like A~AB~AB~4BC>AC~A>boost dive. Practice these few formations till they become second nature, and then try adding to your repertoire as time goes on.

Recommended Combos

Will be added later!




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