Berga Giros

Model Number:XM-05  Pilot: Zabine Chareux
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Commander unit of the Crossbone Vanguard. It has the unique Goggle main camera eyes exclusive to Crossbone units, and signature Shelf Nozzle thrusters mounted on its back. Its light weight and high performance brought it great success on the battlefield.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Heavy Machine Gun 60 13~126 can fires 12 shots in a row.
Sub Shot Lancer (throw) 1 85 Stuns opponent upon hit.
Special Shooting Shelf Nozzle 2 60 Fires out 4 Nozzle.
Burst Attack Hoist The Flag Of Nobility! 272(B)/234(L)  


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 173
5B~8B 148
5BB~8B 181
5BB~A 195 Unable to rainbow step after inputting A.
8B 8BB 138
8B~2B 154 Bounces  the opponent. Untechable.
4B 4BBB 168
4B~8B 143
4BB~8B 182
4BB~A 190 Unable to rainbow step after inputting A.
2B 2BB 149 Bounces  the opponent. Untechable.
CC8B CC8B 161 High melee priority.
CC8B(First hit)~A 141 Hits and stuns the opponent up in air while still in red lock.
BC BC 85 Hits the opponent up in air. Able to link from main.


Cancel Routes:







Ranged Weapons

Main: Heavy Machine Gun
Fires 12 shots in a row.Takes about 17 shots to down the opponent.

Sub: Shot Lancer (throw)
Stuns opponent upon hit.Have quite a decent tracking.

Special Shooting: Shelf Nozzle
Fires out 4 Nozzle. Each Nozzle deals 60 damage.

Melee Set

Burst Attack

Hoist The Flag Of Nobility!

Melee Combo.



  • Would be wise to not keep pressing your main while you are chasing the opponent. Instead just simply tap A a few times while you are chasing to save ammo and only invest your shots when its a confirmed hit.
  • Use the cancel routes for A more often to save main ammo.
  • AC can be considered to be a good tool for landing punishment.


Update Changelog:


  • AB: Cancel route to BC added
  • AC: Cancel route to BC added
  • BC: Improved tracking
  • BC: Damage increased (1 hit: 75>85)
  • CC8B~A: Proration decreased on A follow up




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