Build Strike (Full Package)


Model Number: GAT-X105B/FP Pilot: Reiji
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X


A modified Aile Strike Gundam with greatly improved mobility. The two extra large thrusters on its arms grants it excellent acceleration and movement, but only a truly skilled pilot is able to make the best out of it





Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 70 Standard BR
Charged Main Powered Beam Rifle   –  120 Downs on hit
Charged Melee Launch Build Booster (Gerobi) 1 / life 216 Fires gerobi with explosion radius, one use per life
Sub Large Beam Cannon   2  126 Fires a pair of beam
Special Shooting Launch Build Booster (Assault)  1  146 Launches Build Booster which fires 2 pairs of beams
Burst Attack Full Package Combo 263(B)/233(L) Long animation, finishes with a beam shot



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BBB 173 Standard 3 hit
5BB~8B 212 High Damage, launches
5B(B)~BC~B 246 Long animation 
5B(B)~A  197 Dash backwards and fire 3 BR 
 8B  8B 155  Drags target forward
4/6B    4/6BBB 170  Standard 3 hit 
 4/6B(B)~8B 185  High Damage, launches
 4/6B(B)~BC~B 242  Long animation  
 4/6B(B)~A 193  Dash backwards and fire 3 BR  
 2B 2B  70 Uppercut
CC8B CC8B  145  Slashthrough x2 
BC     BC~5B 80 Stuns
BC~8B  92  Jumping melee
BC~4/6B  92   Dodges to the side then melee
After any of the above
~A 160~167 Fires a single BR shot
~2B  233~249  Grapples and explode for good damage 

Cancel Routes:

2B: AB


At long last, out first Build Fighers (Anime) unit! Sadly Build Strike is plain as can be, with the exception of certain flashy melee follow up. Being a 300 cost, it does not have the boost to chase and execute melee as often as you would want, and would often run out of boost after the melee combo leaving him vulnerable. His ranged options are also limited to beams only that all flies directly forward, making it extremely predictable. 

The gimmick for this suit is his backpack based attacks, the Build Booster. It acts like a Striker which can attack by itself which leaves Build Strike free to run away or perform other attacks. While the Build Booster is detached, Build Strike has reduced mobility and having 1 or 2 other moves unusable, making it vulnerable to being chased down. Make the most out of his Chobham Shield Dash to get a few good melee hits in to win the damage race.  

Ranged Weapon

Main: Beam Rifle
Average beam rifle. Nothing more nothing less

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)
Fires a big BR shot. This BR shot’s travel speed is faster than your Sub. Use this instead if you want to land the hit more safely

Charged Melee: Launch Build Booster (Gerobi)
Detaches the Build Booster which then flies towards your target before firing a red gerobi with an explosion radius on impact. Usable only once per life. This move counts as a Funnel type attack, meaning if Build Strike is downed while Build Booster is detached, it will be recalled immediately even if it has not fired the beam yet. Build Strike will have reduced mobility without the Build Booster, and unable to perform AB and AC, making him extremely vulnerable.

This move itself is pretty decent with good muzzle correction, damage, and very long range (the entire practice stage at least). Like how you would use Funnel attacks, release it in between other attacks to have a better chance for it to hit. The Build Booster also flies very high above your target before firing so there is a good chance your enemies would run into the explosion too. Try your best to get this to hit as Build Strike doesn’t have much else to offer

Sub: Large Beam Cannon
Fires a pair of beams. This attack has a somewhat wide hitbox but has low tracking. Not usable when CSB and AC is in use. Generally used to catch landings.  Useful as a combo finisher to knock your target away, but if you intend to use it after a melee string, use the ~A followup for better damage. 

Special Shooting: Launch Build Booster (Assault)
Detaches the Build Booster which travels forward while firing 2 pairs of beams similar to Sub. Like CSB, you will be unable to use charge CSB or use AB while the Build Booster is out. The beams itself have low tracking, but there is decent muzzle correction for each of the two shots. The Build Booster will disappear if it bangs into a wall. Not too hard to get his to hit as the Booster is released slightly above you, making it easier to hit enemies jumping or doing fuwas. Beware that if you’re in Burst, your target wouldn’t be downed even if both pair of beams hit.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber combo
Very standard 3 slash combo. Has 2 different follow up attacks.

5BB~8B: Rising Slash
Drags target upwards, cannot be teched out. Step backwards and finish off with a Sub to end the combo and also knock your target away to buy more time. You can also sidestep after the last hit and 5BB~8B to repeat the same move again to carry your target extremely high up. Note that the first 5B will whiff but it will connect just fine. 

5B(B)~BC~B: Multislash combo
Slash 4 times with Beam Sabers, before finishing with a stab that results in a Dust Down. You will need to input B to execute the stab. Good damage overall, but if you intend to lengthen the combo, omit the final stab as it has very bad proration. 

5B(B)~A: Backspin Beam rifle
Dashes backwards while firing 3 BR shots.  Each BR shot does about 43 damage and have almost no lag time in between them. Calculate carefully whether you can make use of this to  break a shield or mantle.

 8B: Tackle
Grabs target and pushes them forward before knocking him away. A very fast attack which also travels forward pretty quickly enough to dodge attacks. However, it doesn’t so that much damage. 

Another standard 3 hit melee. The final hit launches your target up, making it easy to follow up. Has the same follow up as 5B.

 4/6B(B)~8B: Rising Slash
Same as 5B~8B

 4/6B(B)~BC~B: Multislash combo
Same as 5B~BC

 4/6B(B)~A: Backspin Beam rifle
Same as 5B~A

BC: Chobham Shield Rush
Dashes forward with Chobham Shield up, blocking ranged projectiles. This shield has a 200 HP limit, and if the shield break during the charge, Build Strike will stop moving and get briefly invulnerable. Build Strike will also get hit by attack that have explosion radius like standard bazookas. You cannot use this attack if it is reloading. Unfortunately Build Strike will dash towards a target even if it’s in green lock. There are 3 different follow up attacks during the dash, and another 2 more follow up after.

BC~5B: Slashthrough
A fast slashthrough that stuns. The most stable out of the 3 attacks. 

BC~8B: Jump Slash> Kick
Good for targets who are in the air. Can dodge a BR shot if timed well, but the hitbox only start during the downwards slashing animation. 

BC~4/6B : Sidestep>Slash
Dodges to the side before slashing forward. The hitbox only starts after the dodge, making it not reliable like the 8B followup. 

After any of the above BC melee follow up

~A: Variable Output Beam Rifle shot
Fires a one shot down BR shot.

~2B: Stab>Vulcan>Explosion
Better option if you want to do damage. There is some risk involved as Build Strike is totally stationary during the vulcan animation. 

Burst Attack

Full Package Combo
5 slashes> Kick x2> Beam Rifle shot
If you’re doing damage testing, the damage will differ by 1 or 2. This is due to the vulcan spray during the spin slash portion of this attack. The final beam shot only has a single hit even though it looks like a multi-hit gerobi. A decent Burst attack as the opening attack animation is a slashthrough with Superarmour. However the entire animation is pretty long and Build Strike is stationary during the final rifle shot. Go for the 5B~BC follow up if you want more damage.



  • To get the most out of your CSB, use it on a target who does not have Burst and is caught up in a fight. This will greatly increase the chances of it hitting. If used on alone target who is focus on evading, it won’t be easy to land the hit. 
  • If your BC is about to run out, let it burn out on purpose by dashing into the potshots. A shield with less than 70 hp is not useful as it would not even block a single beam rifle shot
  • Goes without saying to use Blaze Gear. Build Strike will benefit from the improved movement speed and melee attack, especially with BC dash. 

Recommended Combos

(>> is Boost Dash Cancel, > is Step cancel, ~ is direct cancel)

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
 A~BC~B~2B 197   
 A>>5BB~BC~CSA  208  Remember to omit the final stab for the BC derivative
 5B~BC>5B~BC~B 269  Very long animation but great damage 
  5B~BC>5B~BC>>AB  280 Variant of above if you have boost for one extra BDC
 5BB~BC>2B>AB 271  Knocks target away 
 5BB~BC>BC~5B~2B 289   Prone to being interrupted
5B~8B>(5B)B~8B>AB 260? Long combo that drags your target to almost the ceiling. Step backwards then Sub. The (5B) is to be whiffed. 
CC8B~B>>CC8B(1hit)~CSA 257
5BB~8B>(5B)B~8B>(5B)B~8B>ABC 322 Step out right before the last hit of the third Rising Slash before doing ABC







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