GM Sniper II (White Dingo)

  Model Number: RGM-79SP Pilot: Master Pierce Rayer Cost: 200 Hp: 380 Transform: X Form Change: O A variant of the GM Command, the GM Sniper II is a high-performance mobile suit equipped with a precision shooting sensor and a visor with a high magnification camera. As the overall performance of the GM Sniper II was superior toContinue reading “GM Sniper II (White Dingo)”

Ground Type Gundam

Model Number:RX-79 [G] Pilot: Shiro Amada Cost: 200 Hp: 460 Transform: X Form Change: O The Ground Type Gundams were mass produced for combat on Earth, using spare parts meant for the RX-78. Although they were put together hurriedly, their boasted high specs, and became the frontline suits on Asian war front. Move Summary MachineContinue reading “Ground Type Gundam”


Model Number:GNX-603T Pilot: Sergei Smirnov Cost: 200 Hp: 440 Transform: X Form Change: X A mass production suit designed to oppose Celestial Being, using the power of the GN Drive Taus. With its 4 main cameras, X-shaped particle generators and powerful equipment, they easily closed the technological gap with Celestial Being’s Gundams. Move Summary RangedContinue reading “GN-X”


Model Number:MSA-003 Pilot: Fa Yuiry Cost: 200 Hp: 440 Transform: X Form Change: X A suit developed by Anaheim Electronics to replace the Rick Dias’ role on the battlefield. It incorporates Gundarium Alloy into its build, greatly increasing the power of the Eath Federation’s mass production suits. Move Summary Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes MainContinue reading “Nemo”

Silver Sumo

Model Number:MRC-F20 Pilot: Poe Aijee Cost: 200 Hp: 420 Transform: △ (Skirt) Form Change: X The SUMOs were suits used by the personal Royal Guards of Diana Counter. Despite its massive appearance, it moves swiftly due to its powerful thrusters. It is a suit that specializes in close range combat. Move Summary MS Mode RangedContinue reading “Silver Sumo”