CONFIRMED! October DLC has Buster and Alvaaron

Alvaaron and Buster has been officially revealed on the main website! They will be released onto the Japanese server on 17 October. We get to take a quick look at their move summary.


Cost: 400 Pilot: Alejandro Corner

Command Weapon
Main (Chargable) GN Beam Rifle
Melee GN Beam Saber
Sub GN Beam Rifle (Rapid fire)
Special Shooting GN Field
Special Melee Transform to Alvatore
Burst Attack GN Beam Rifle (Full Power Compressed Particle)

This loadout looks like  any standard MS, except for the Special Melee : Transform to Alvatore. How much will they let us control that giant MA?


Buster Gundam

Cost: 300 Pilot: The Great Dearka Elsman

Command Weapon
Main  (Chargeable) Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle
Melee (Chargeable) Ammo Switch
Sub 94mm High-energy Rifle / Gun Launcher Shotgun / Gun Launcher AP / Gun Launcher Float Mines
Special Shooting 220mm 6-barrel Missile Pod
Special Melee Full Salvo
Burst Attack GREATO!

Buster’s weapon looks exactly the same as the one available in MBON. For those who can’t wait to see, watch the weapon showcase in the video below. Buster uses a unique ammo switching system, where the Melee input will swap the type of weapon for Sub, cycling between the 4 different weapons.


The suit PVs should drop sometime within the next week, and we’ll be sure to share them here once they do, so check back often!






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