Confirmed: Phantom Gundam and Raider Gundam are coming to GVS and MBON!

Yesterday, we posted about a rumor from Shirabata about the upcoming suit unlocks for GVS. Today we’re proud to announce that the rumor was right- it seems the next two suits are the Phantom Gundam and Raider Gundam, as confirmed by Famitsu scans of potato quality.

The full scans are not out yet, but they state pretty much exactly what the rumors said. The Phantom Gundam will be piloted by Font Baud, and voiced by Kaito Ishikawa. It will be made available both in GVS and MBON. However, it is unclear if the Raider Gundam will be coming to GVS, as it was featured in the MBON section of the magazine scan.

We’ll share more updates as they are made available. Let’s hope that the other September unlocks will be just as interesting!

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