Gundam Versus Ver.1.04 Changelog

Shortly after the Ver.1.03 update, we have news that the next update is coming soon!

And it looks like there is finally a nerf given to most of the high tier units & strikers, as well as some bug fixes in the game.

These patches will be live on 4th August 2017, 10AM JST.

The following Playable units will receive changes:


  • Mobility will be decreased.
  • The boost usage for 8B will be increased.
  • The effective range for 2AB will be decreased.

Full Armor ZZ Gundam

  • During FAZZ mode, the passive effect of reduce 20% damage taken will be removed.
  • During FAZZ mode, the traveling speed of Main will be decreased.

GM Custom

  • The chasing capabilities of AC will be decreased.
  • The machine gun damage from the AC input will be decreased. (Damage from 102->80)

Gundam Virtue

  • Gundam Nadleeh’s  AC has been adjusted. (Exactly what was adjusted was not mentioned)

Hot Scramble Gundam

  • The beam speed from funnels deployed using 2AB input will be decreased.
  • The damage dealt from the funnels using 2AB input will be decreased. (Damage from 125 ->107)


The following Striker will receive changes:

The O

  • The effective range of Pressure will be decreased.
  • Damage Proration of the Pressure will be decreased. Meaning in the event of the opponent was hit by the pressure, the damage from the follow up attacks will be decreased.


Bug Fix


  • Head vulcans firing in incorrect direction
  • Ammo not consumed correctly
  • Inconsistent max range for gerobi
  • Graphic glitch for transformable units
  • Unable to recover from a Downed state
  • Unit freezing after certain attacks
  • Unable to enter another player’s room after being kicked out from another
  • Unable to use Share Play properly

Playable units:

  • Zeta: Melee not having tracking capability during BC~B
  • Hyaku Shiki: AC not firing
  • Epyon: Melee not appearing after B~AB
  • Delta Plus:  Melee not having tracking capability during BC~B
  • Gold Sumo: Incorrect Boost consumption, incorrect Burst meter gain rate
  • Silver Sumo: Incorrect Boost consumption, incorrect Burst meter gain rate
  • Virtue: Occurance of GN Shield being carried over when going into Nadleeh while GN Shield is active, and being unable to Guard while in Nadleeh thereafter
  • Nadleeh: Incorrect melee speed during 4/6B~4/6B (Dempsey Roll)
  • G-Arcane: Being stuck in air after using AB while in Float Mode. Incorrect hitbox during Burst Attack
  • Mack Knife (Mask): CSB not firing while Main has 0 ammo
  • Crossbone Gundam X2 Kai: Incorrect Boost consumption
  • Hot Scramble: Funnels not able to return to the unit after Burst Attack
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