Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)

Model Number: MS-08TX Pilot: Doug Schneid / Fred Reber
Cost: 300 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X

A high performance close ranged Mobile suit designed for operations on Earth. While combat performance exceeds that of similar units like the Gouf, it saw very limited production, with only 8 known units being manufactured.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main 35mm Gatling Gun 1 12 ~ 119 Fires up to 12 rounds per salvo
Sub Shotgun 40 11 ~ 108 Flinch on 4 hits
Special Shooting Heat Lance [Throw] 1 80 Wide Hitbox



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 174 Final input is a multi-hit attack
5B~8B 125  
5BB~8B 170  
5B~2BB 208  
5BB~2BB 235  
8B 8B 135  
4/6B 4/6BBB 167  
4/6B~8B 125  
4/6BB~8B 162
4/6B~2BB 208  
4/6BB~2BB 227
2B 2B 138  
CC8B CC8BB 130 First hit has Stun attribute
BC BC~BB 202(183)  


Cancel Routes:

AC: Any melee


Along with Gundam Pixie, the Efreed (Schneid’s Unit) finally makes its appearance in Gundam Versus!

Similar to the Gundam Pixie, the Efreet has limited ranged options, relying on them and its’ BC movement instead to make an opening to close in to melee range. It excels at close-mid ranges and players will have to utilise the Shotgun and the thrown Heat Lance to stagger and catch its targets before closing in for the kill. The Efreet’s effectiveness in battle significantly decreases at longer ranges however as it’s only reliable long-range weapon is its 35mm Gatling Gun. Thus players have to keep the pressure on the enemy by remaining at close range while while waiting for an opportunity to close in for the kill.

Ranged Weapon

Main: 35mm Gatling Gun
MG weapon with relatively wide projectile hitbox. Fires 3 rounds per single input, and up to 12 rounds when input is held. General performance is decent, but its ability to be cancelled into AB, AC and BC is very useful.

Sub: Shotgun
Efreet stops and fires a burst from the Shotgun in a wide cone . While range of the projectile is very short, the projectile speed is fast. Each pellet does 11 per hit, up to maximum of 108 damage. However, at point-blank range, the shotgun will deal a flat amount of 100 damage.

Special Shooting: Heat Lance [Throw]
Efreet throws the Heat Lance horizontally at the target. Projectile has a wide hitbox and good proration, and follow up attacks will still do decent damage.

Tracking for this tool is surpisingly good and at max red lock range, this tool has more vertical tracking than regular Beam Rifle projectiles.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Dagger combo
Standard melee combo. Has ~8B and ~2B followup after the first and second hit. Final hit induces camera change and is relatively open to interruption, but does high damage.

5B(B)~8B followup
Efreet does an Issen slash that sends the target in a cartwheeling Down. Easy to follow up.

5B(B)~2B follow up: Beam Saber Launch

4/6BB: Upward Slash > Roundhouse Kick > Axe Grind
Slashes the target before spinning to targets rear and continuing with an additional flurry of slashes. Relatively lengthy combo and prone to getting interrupted. Can be cancelled into Main after the last hit, or opt for the 2B follow up for additional hits after.

4/6B(B)~8B followup
Identical to the 5B version

4/6B(B)~2B followup
Identical to the 5B version

8B: Stab > Roundhouse Slash
Single thrust followed up by a roundhouse slash. Does not Forced Down but is difficult followup. Recommened to use only as a finisher.

2B: Diving Stab
Pyonkaku move that starts with the Efreet jumping high up and twirling its Heat Lance beore slamming down with it. Launches target into the air in a techable Down.

CC8BB: Slash Through > Rising Slash
Pixie does a Issen slash that Stuns, followed by a lance strike that launches the target into the air.

BC: Beam Dagger Flurry
Efreet surges towards the target after releasing a smoke cloud before ending with a melee strike.Despite the trail of smoke behind the Efreet, tracking is cut ONLY during the input and not for the duration of the move. Has two variations depending on directional input. Easy to follow-up.

BC: Helm Breaker > Rising Slash
Neutral input. Efreet launches upwards towards the target and does a helm breaker before launching the target upwards with a strike.

4/6BC: Wide Sweep > Issen Slash
With directional input. Efreet launches to the side and does a swide sweep with the Heat Lance before ending with a Issen slash that puts the target in a cartwheeling Down.

Burst Attack

Beam Dagger Combo


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