Europe’s First Gundam Versus Tournament To Be Held At Revolution 2017!

Gundam Versus launches officially in English come September 29, and Gundam fans worldwide are wasting no time in setting up duke fests!

The first-ever GVS tournament in Europe will be held from Oct 7-8 at Revolution 2017, a large-scale tournament for Anime Fighting Game fans. One of the coolest parts of the tournament is that it is being officially sponsored by Bandai Namco themselves, so you can expect a great setup and sweet prizes!

The full details on the tournament are not out yet, but you can already sign up [here]. If you have a partner in mind, make sure you both sign up! If you don’t, no worries— the tournament organizers will try their best to set you up with a homie.

I had a brief chat with one of the organizers, @Rayokarna (tweet @ him), and he was pretty stoked for the event, and what it means for the UK GVS Community.

“Gundam Versus is one of the most competitive games in Japan, and we are happy to be supporters of Japanese competitve games at NGI, who are hosting the first EU Gundam Versus tournament.”

“We hope that this tournament will truly be the start of a revolution for us, in building an even stronger community, and even stronger friendships.”

If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether you should sit this tournament out: Take a stand! Events like this serve as a great opportunity to meet like-minded friends, and to learn more about the game. If you’re not confident in winning, it’s really okay to just head down, and have a fun weekend!

We’ll post updates about the tournament as they come. Sign up, already!


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