Model Number: xvb-xd Pilot: Yurin L’Ciel
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X




An X-rounder only mobile suit developed by the Vagan. Farsia contains a special equipment which allows another X-Rounder to control it. This allows the Farsia to be deployed with a pilot who has no formal combat training.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Vulcan 60 14~41 Staggers on 4 hits, Zedas also fires 5 Beam Vulcans 
Charged Main Diffuse Beam Cannon  – 23~125 Beam shotgun, stagger with 2 hits
Sub  Beam Vulcan (Focused)  2  121 Downs on hit
Special Ranged Farsia Bit 10 25~101 Sends out in sets of 5, direction to send to enemy
Special Melee Command Zedas Rush / Gerobi 1 65 / 125  Stuns / Thin gerobi
Side Spin  – Spins to the left or right after A, AB, AC, 5B, 4/6B
Burst Attack Zedas combo & Farsia Bit gerobi 251(B)/
Very long animation, ends with a grapple



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5B 82 Forward drilling attack
8B 8B 84 Forward hop, has landing property
 4/6B  4/6B  60 One hit slap.
2B 2B  – Dives straight down. Consumes less boost, no momentum inherited
CC8B CC8B   82  Same action as 5B 

Cancel Routes:

Note: Side Spin BC will be written as [BC].

A: AB, AC, 2B, [BC]
AB: 2B, [BC]
AC: A,  2B, [BC]
[BC]: A, AB, AC, *B, 2B, [BC]
5B, 4/6B: 2B, [BC]


A new gimmick to Gundam Versus, Farsia is the first unit with a permanent assist unit, Zedas,  that will attack automatically, or when commanded to. On top of it, Farsia is also capable of annoying the heck out of your opponents with her arsenal of both far and close range attacks, and also able to defend herself well with deployed Farsia Bits and CSA Shotgun. Landing out of angle sneaky attacks with your Zedas while dancing around with her 8B/CC8B hop will cause great distress to the enemy chasing you. However, you will need to slowly build up advantage in both position and damage while playing as Farsia as she has no major comeback factor. Play calmly and steadily to achieve victory.

Ranged Weapon

Main: Beam Vulcan
Beam type machine gun. Fires 3 shots per button tap, staggers on 4 hits, maximum fires 12 shots. Only has decent tracking and bullet speed, and has bullet spread like any other machine gun. Spray away and with good use of burst firing, this should land a stagger for you to chain into a Sub

Assist Main: Zedas Beam Vulcan
Your permanent assist Zedas will stop and fire 4 shots of his Beam Vulcan. Unlike Farsia, Zedas will fire his shots after a slight delay from his current position.  Remember that Zedas will only fire if you press Main. Holding down Main and firing 12 shots with Farsia will only cause Zedas to fire once. Opt to fire Farsia’s Main in bursts of ~5 shots so Zedas will fire twice along with you.  Zedas will not fire this Beam Vulcan if he’s doing another action from BC command. 

Using the Zedas (Rush) BC command, you can make Zedas form a L shape formation by yourself to catch opponents more easily. 

Charged Main: Diffuse Beam Cannon
Shotgun attack. 
Great tool as a self defense, but needs at least 2 of the beam to hit to stagger your target. The range is about 4 of the small square in Practice Stage. While being chased down, charge this attack and release it at the last moment to fend off a melee attack. CSA will be charged up very easily (1.5 second charge time) if you hold down Main while firing the Beam Vulcan during ranged battles.  Just don’t accidentally charge to full and end up releasing this shotgun in a middle of a fight and taking a hit because of the CSA’s vernier. 

Sub: Beam Vulcan (Focused)
Fires a fair of fast moving beams from both palms.This is Farsia’s main method to get a down on a target far away. Quickly BC or 2B away as there is a long recovery time after this attack. Do not waste this attack needlessly.

Special Ranged:Farsia Bit
Deploys or sends out Bits in sets of 5. The bits can be sent out even if they have less than 5 ammo, and will only fire as many beams as your remaining ammo allow. As per all funnels and bits, they will be recalled if Farsia gets downed.  There is a lot of momentum inherited for this move, making it a great tool to use after a step or even after a 8B~rainbow step. On the off chance that all 5 beams hit during your Burst, you will need to follow up with another attack as the reduced down value will not be enough to successfully down your target.

There are two commands for this move:

5AC will deploy it around Farsia, and input AC again to command them to fire. The bits fire 1 by 1, starting from the bits above Farsia, then the next bit will fire in clockwise direction. The second AC command to fire will not cause vernier regardless of what direction Farsia is facing. If all 5 beam hit it will down your target, although the start up and the beam speed makes it a rare occurance.  Deploy the bits around yourself as a form of self defense and to ward off enemies. Even if the bits are low on ammo, deploy them around yourself to act as a deterrent because your opponent will not know that easily that your bits is actually just for show. 

Send out the bits to your target, who will always form a circle above them before firing regardless of direction input. Useful against a target who has already used up some boost, but bits in general are quite difficult to hit in this game. On the bright side, the bits are slightly longer range than your red lock so it is very safe to send them out even if your target is in that red~close green lock range. 

Special Melee: Command Zedas Rush / Gerobi / Side Spin
Farsia strikes a pose and commands Zedas to do one of the two attacks. Zedas will not fire his Beam Vulcan automatically during the animation for this BC attacks.  Similar to AC, there is a lot of momentum inherited for this move. If BC is canceled from A, AB, AC, 5B, 4/6B, Farsia will spin diagonally forward instead. 

There are two commands for the Assist:

Zedas rushes forwards and slashes, stunning the target. As compared to a regular melee striker, there is lesser startup on this move, but the tracking isn’t fantastic. Use only in close to mid range to hope for a hit. Alternatively, this move can be used to reposition Zedas to move him towards your target so Farsia and Zedas can be further apart from each other, making it easier to form the L formation. Don’t fret even if this misses, fire a main right after to get Zedas to fire his, which makes his Beam Vulcans to hit much more easily as he is very close to the target. 

Fires a thin gerobi. The gerobi lasts pretty long, and can be used to limit your opponent’s movement. It also has fairly decent tracking and fast start up. Use it like a very standard gerobi attack. When in close range, combo it with CSA to severely limit your opponent’s movement, with the off-chance that they run into the gerobi while trying to dodge your attacks. 

Side Spin: A, AB, AC, 5B, 4/6B, [BC] ~ [BC]
Farsia does a quick spin that moves her diagonally forward to the left or right, depending on direction input. This move does not cut tracking, and is use purely for movement. This move cannot be used if Farsia has no boost, and also consumes about 20% boost per spin. Only real use for this move is to cancel out of a move with high recovery time like Sub, or to make Farsia face front after a turnaround shot. Might as well 2B or boost dive if you’re already facing front. 

Permanent Assist: Zedas
Something new to GVS. Unlike the assist from units like Mack Knife and Tieren Taozi, Zedas is a permanent assist unit which is active all the time.  Zedas also start off on Farsia’s left diagonally behind and will follow Farsia slowly until given a command. 

Zedas will slowly move back to Farsia if he is idle. Zedas cannot be destroyed by any means, and will block physical projectiles if he happens to be in the way. You can opt to run to the right as Farsia while commanding Zedas (Rush) to put a gap between the two units, and make your own L formation.

Melee Set

5B: Psycho Crusher
Multi hit forward drill attack. Downs target even regardless of how many hits goes in, useful for forcing your target’s funnels/bits to be recalled.  

4/6B: Side slash
One hit slash. Travels far forward, but not useful in terms of melee capability. 

2B: Dive
Not to be confused with Boost Dive. The difference between Boost Dive and 2B is that

  1. 2B consumes less boost
  2. Does not inherit momentum
  3. Can be performed even with no boost

However, there is no landing property for this move. Pick which to use accordingly.

CC8B/8B: Forward Hop
The best (and probably only) melee attack that you will ever use. Farsia hops forwards in a short arc, has landing property. While in green lock, Farsia will hop in the direction that she is facing. This gives you a great way to escape as this gives you height and you can rainbow stepdive out of it. As it has landing property, you can suzakyan out of it for maximum boost efficiency. 

Burst Attack

Zedas combo & Farsia Bit gerobi

Farsia rams forward, followed by a Zedas melee, twin gerobis from Farsia Bits, and finally ending Zedas grapple. The first hit of this Burst attack is a grapple type, so if it hits an enemy who has Superarmor, the entire attack will stop totally. The Farsia Bit gerobi is also a Beam attack, and if your target happens to have a shield that blocks beams like Nu or ABC mantle with enough hp, your target will not be stunned by the gerobis and will be able to escape the last portion of the Burst Attack. Farsia also does not move around much during the animation, which makes it a risky move to use. However if the whole string goes off, Farsia is free to move once the Farsia bit fires off, leaving Zedas to execute the last two part of the attack. 


  • Burst fire your main in shots of 5 with some delay in between. This allows Zedas to fire together with you.
  • Deploy the Farsia Bits around you to ward off enemies coming close. Having a CSA ready also helps.
  • CSA’s spread is fair big to destroy incoming bazookas, missiles or physical projectiles with low hp. Can also destroy some strikers. It also works wonders at breaking shields and ABC mantles.
  • Don’t use [BC] or 2B too much as it consumes too much boost for a 300 unit.
  • Do your suzakyan in this manner: 8B/CC8B > Land > step >AC~A . Your boost should have recovered by the A. Reference video: Youtube
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