First GVS Update Drops July 28th, Adds Gundam Virtue And Rank Battles

Gundam Virtue (and Nadlheeh) and Barbatos Lupus will be released as paid DLC at the end of the month, announced the Gundam Versus Twitter page today.

While Barbatos Lupus is already available to those who bought the Premium G Edition of Gundam Versus, it will be made available for purchase on the Playstation store. Both Virtue and Lupus will cost 620 yen + tax.

In addition to the new suits, new game modes will be made available, as announced by a new PV. Ranked matches will be added, where you can play 2on2 matches against opponents of a similar level, in an attempt to get promoted. You can either play ranked matches with a random partner, specify the cost of a partner you would like to team with, or attempt to climb the ranks with a friend (read: get carried).

Ultimate Battle is also getting some updates. A new course [Boss Survival] will be added, where you will have to fight a slew of large-sized bosses.

There are also now [Easy], [Normal], and [Hard] courses for Ultimate Battle. In addition, there are courses on Ultimate Battle that will let you play paid DLC characters for free, so you can try suits out before buying them!

Lastly, new courses will be added for trial battles, where you can fight against CPU-controlled versions of Lupus and Virtue.



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