Full Armor Gundam

Model Number:FA-78   Pilot: Io Fleming  
Cost: 400 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

A custom unit built for battles in the Thunderbolt Sector which is filled with debris. On top of various physical and beam weapons on both arms and backpack, it has a total of 4 shields, hence the suit’s name.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Twin Barrel Beam Rifle 8 75 Fires two BR per input
Sub Rocket Launcher 2 30-120 Shoots out 5 missiles per input
Special Shooting Armor Missile Pod 1 25-137 Shoots a barrage of missiles
Special Melee Special Movement 1 Armament change while using special movement & gets shooting guard from the front and sides
When using Special Movement,
Main Large Beam Cannon 1 120 One shot beam
Sub Large Beam Cannon (High Output) 1 221 Fires a Gerobi
Special Shooting 6 Missile Pod 1 111/117 Missiles explodes one after another, knocks target up.
After reaching max range: Causes a wall of small explosions
Burst Attacking “Lets….settle this!” 317(B)/283(L) Melee combo
Glissando 282(B)/274(L) Input: 2ABC


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 174  
5B(B)~2B 188~222  
5BB~A 258 Best damage source
8B 8B 75  
4/6B 4/6BBB 168  
4/6B(B)~2B 218  
2B 2BB 139  Cleave
CC8B CC8B 80  
When in special Movement
5B 5BBB 164 Shooting barrier from the front during the initial charging animation
8B 8B 100 Hits opponent high in air. instant knockdown. Wide attack hitbox
4/6B 4/6BBB 151  


Cancel Routes:




The full Armor Gundam is an all rounder unit which have multiple missile weapons. As a 400 cost unit, its weapons are quite average with the exceptions of having a special movement with shooting guard and gives more different weapon options and access to other melee combos.

This unit excels in being a back role unit, using all its ranged weapon to control the crowd and does a surprise attack with its special movement while the opponent is not looking. But as this unit have no CSA, it is very important to do ammo management.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Twin Barrel Beam Rifle
Fires out 2 BR per ammo. Average performance with high ammo.

Sub: Rocket Launcher
Shoots out 5 missiles per input.1 missile is around 30 damage.

Have decent tracking if used in mid range. Good to use as follow up after hitting with BR.

Special Shooting: Armor Missile Pod
Shoots a barrage of missiles while remaining stationary. One missile hit is around 25 damage and staggers the opponent upon hit.

Have decent tracking if used in mid range. Do not use this weapon if the opponent is close to you as you have a high chance of getting punished.

Special Melee: Special Movement
Armament change while using special movement. During the dash, FAG gets shooting guard from the front and sides. During the attack animation of any of the derivatives below, FAG will still have shooting guard at his sides and attacks coming from diagonally forward. 

During the dash animation, there will be 3 new inputs:
1) A (Large Beam Cannon): Fires  an one shot beam.

2) *AB (Large Beam Cannon (High Output)): Fires a huge gerobi with a short startup time. Best used to do landing punishment.

3) *AC (6 Missile Pod): Fires out 3 missiles. On direct hit with target, the missiles will explode one after another and knocks the target up. After the missiles reaches the max range, it will causes a wall of small explosions. Also causes a flame (weak) stun to the opponent upon hit. Recommended to use this input more often for oki.

Melee Set

5BBB: Slash>Kick>Slash
A standard 3 hit combo. Able to follow up with other melee combos after doing a rainbow step cancel to the front.

5B(B)~2B: Slash>Kick>Stab>Fires BR at point blank
Downs the opponent at the end of combo. Avoid using this combo on units with barriers as the BR will be blocked.

5BB~A: Slash>Kick>Shield Tackle>Flies up and fires missiles at point blank
Best damage output out of melee combo. Able to rainbow step cancel while using the shield tackle. The missiles will also be blocked by barriers. 

8B: Shield Tackle
A normal tackle attack which hits the opponent up to the air.

4/6BBB: Triple Slash
A standard 3 hit combo.

4/6B(B)~2B: Slash>Slash>Stab>Fires BR at point blank
Alike to 5B(B)~2B combo.

2BB: Horizontal Slash>Uppercut
A 2 hit combo which hits the opponent up to the air after 2nd hit.

CC8B: Slash through
Stuns the opponent upon hit. A good tool to start up your melee combo.

When in Special Movement (BC),

5BBB: Shield tackle>Stab>Uppercut
A standard 3 hit combo. Has Shooting Guard during the Shield tackle animation. 

8B:Slash through
Hits the opponent up to the air while causing the opponent to be in down state. Recommended to use this input for a quick finish and delay if needed.

4BBB: Shield bash>Downward slash
A 2 hit combo. Take note that if you do not score a down with this melee combo, there is a chance that the opponent will recover quick and punish you.

Burst Attack

1) “Lets….settle this!”
ABC input. Melee combo.  The initial hit stuns for a very long time. so even if your target has a barrier, the final melee hit will still hit on time, but the overall damage is greatly reduced. 

2) Glissando
2ABC input. Each series of shots tracks individually. Has shooting guard on the sides and diagonally forward (wherever the shields are, there is shooting guard property)



  • Use A~AB input often to conserve main ammo.
  • Use AC at mid range before engaging to serve as a backup for you.
  • Pick the correct weapon during different situations while using special movement. Best to use 8B while in close range and use AC while in mid range.


Recommended Combos


Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A~5BB~A 221
5BBB~BC~8B 227 Launches target to buy time
5BB~5BB~A 248
4/6BB>5BB~A 243
CC8B>5BB~A 263 High damage


Update Changelog:


  • AC: Easier to follow up on hit
  • AC: Reload time reduced (-1 sec)
  • BC: Can be step cancelled
  • BC: Reload time reduced (-0.5 sec)
  • BC~AB: Has improved muzzle correction
  • BC~AC: Tracking increased



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