Funny, WTF and Pro plays #6


Excited about the Aegis announcement, and enjoying this new set of Atlas , Zeydra DLC? Take a break from kicking your adversaries and enjoy some funny game plays!

Zedrya day 1 bug. The unit is not turning around but just shooing backwards directly.

What on earth is this spawn location? Honestly there should be something coded into the spawn algorithm to prevent this.

More exact same spawn location. Wonder if these spawn points are preset. Oh well gerobi first talk later.

It’s really scary being camped by Alvatore.

Look carefully before randomly trying to attack, don’t let the scent of a dying enemy mar your sense of judgement which will result in this.

At least this time tragedy was averted

Make sure you know the melee derivatives that lets you break through barriers such as Phantom Light, as this player demonstrated.

We’ll be posting the guide to Atlas shortly, keep jazzing on!




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