G-Self (Perfect Pack)

Model Number:YG-111 Pilot: Bellri Zenam 
Cost: 500 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: O

Atmosphere, Space, Reflector, Tricky, High Torque, and Assault: The Perfect Pack is a combination of all of their abilities. It can switch between pack modes on the fly, and even create anti-matter to attack and defend. It is a powerful weapon capable of single-handedly influencing the outcome of a war.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 8 75  Standard BR
Charged Main Traffic Fin 130/
Fins ram and explode, or fire Tractor Beams
Charged Melee Photon Torpedoes 1 170 Small blue explosion upon hit on terrain or any unit
Sub Assault Mode 2 130/
5ab: Fires a pair of fat beams
8ab: Dash forward while firing beams, has Shooting Guard
Special Shooting Reflector Mode 300 Full body beam barrier, able to fire up to 3 BR in a row
Special Shooting while Reflector is active Omni-directional lasers  – 106 Fires short-ranged lasers in a every direction around you, stunning anyone in its radius and dealing damage. Has super armor on startup
Burst Attack Backpack Switching Combination 332(B)/285(L) The same combination that killed Rockpie


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 246 High damage
8B 8BB 213 Does more damage the higher your altitude
4B 4BBB 169 Orthodox 4B
2B 2B 20 Stuns and reels target in
2B (csA Track Fins deployed) 2B 70 Uppercut
CC8B CC8BBB 172 High cut resistance
BC BC 232 Super armor startup. 4 hits at high damage
8BC 269 Super armor startup. Many hits, but great total damage
4/6BC 159 Super armor startup. 2 hits, second hit downs instantly


Cancel Routes

A: (8)AB, AC, *BC
2B (tractor beam) : every melee except 2B and CC8B



An all-rounded 500-cost that has a lot of varied and strong options, but at the cost of being fragile. With only 650 HP, it has only 10 more HP than X1-Full Cloth, which has a cloak that eats 100 beam damage.

As a result, what you get playing G-self Perfect Pack is a high risk, high reward experience. While many of your moves seem to scream for you to go for it, hit that party up, go crazy, your health bar is telling you to stay home, do your homework, and read a nice book.



Ranged Weapon

Main: Beam Rifle
Standard BR for a 500-cost unit.

Charged Main: Traffic Fin
In red lock, traffic fins will ram into the enemy target and explode on impact. In green lock, they will surround the enemy and fire tractor beams that stun. They have surprisingly good tracking, so you should be trying to charge these as much as possible during the neutral game.

Charged Melee: Photon Torpedoes
One-time use. Fires a cluster of small torpedoes that have no tracking. They travel out horizontally, covering a very wide horizontal area. The torpedoes are near-invisible, and it’s very easy to catch enemies moving sideways with this. Read the enemy movements carefully, and you’ll find yourself hitting more than one enemy with this more often than you’d think.

Sub: Assault Mode
Regular version fires large beams from the Assault pack. 8AB moves you forward, firing the Assault pack twice (costs only 1 ammo). During the forward dash you have a shooting barrier, but at the cost of having no tracking.

8AB is very good for setting up an offense, or closing in on the enemy safely. Time it right to hit the enemy as they try to hit you with a beam attack.

Special Shooting: Reflector Mode/Omni-directional lasers (Reflector Mode)
Full body beam barrier from all all directions, plus the ability to chain up to 3 BR consecutively by simply pressing the A button. However, you will move slower in this mode, and still take full damage from physical or explosive rounds.

Special Shooting while Reflector is deployed: Fires short-ranged lasers in a every direction around you, stunning anyone in its radius and dealing damage. Has super armor on startup.

As of ver1.04, G-Self Perfect Pack’s and Nu Gundam’s Fin Funnel Barrier both have very awkward interaction with multi hit attacks, which results in both the barriers being totally depleted once hit by a multi hit attack like Providence’s AC Beam Curtain, any gerobi or explosions even if the total incoming damage is lesser than the barrier’s hp. 

Against enemies which do not use beam weaponry, all you really get for deploying this is a triple-shot BR, and access to your Omni-directional lasers. At the cost of slower movement, it’s really not worth it. Even against enemies with beam weapons, you’re really too slow to capitalize on most opportunities, and options like your AB and BC are kind of out because they instantly cancel your Reflector mode. Activating this mode and then immediately activating your Omni-directional lasers is an option.

Melee Set

5BBBB: Beam Saber Stab> Spinning upslash
Very long combo, but bad interrupt resistance. The full combo will down even if done in Burst.

8BBBB: Hop> Uppercut> Helmsplitter> Issen
Damage increases depends on how much vertical distance is traveled during the Helmsplitter portion of the melee. Good cut resistance, and a good combo part.

4/6BBB: Uppercut> Cleave
Good start up and low down value on the first hit, making it a good option to open up attacks with. 

2B: Tractor Beam / Uppercut
Fires a pair of blue electric beams forward, stunning enemies. 

This move has a bit of a startup, but the real advantage of this move is that it can be cancelled into any melee move, even if it does not hit. As such, you can do things like 2B~8BC to double your chances of hitting an enemy in close-range. 

If CSA is in use, 2B becomes a Uppercut. Good single hit damage and proration, but the opportunity to use it is really too little given how fast the Traffic Fins return.

CC8B~BB: Slashthrough > X-slash
P-Self moves around a lot for this attack, making it resistant to interrupts. However, this causes the attack to whiff very easily if used near a wall or near a building.

This move has dicey tracking and/or a weird hitbox, so it can be strangely unreliable. It’s not uncommon to completely whiff an enemy that is standing still. 

BC: High Torque Punch
Dashes forward a short distance with Super Armor before beating the enemy senseless. Note that during the Super Armor phase, you will need to dash a minimum distance before the first attack will start.

5BC: Double Straight Hammer
Ends with a Bounce. Highest DPS of the 3 options. Small hitbox.

8BC: Rapid Punches
Very long combo with high down value and overall damage. Use 5BC if the target already got hit by anything more than 1BR. Small hitbox.

4/6BC: Axe Kick
Very quick combo with only 2 hits, but also lowest damage out of all the BC. Curves while dashing forward, but that doesn’t matter as much since there is Superarmor either way. Opt for this if you want a very quick down. Biggest hitbox of the 3 BC inputs, which isn’t saying much.

Burst Attack

Backpack Switching Combination
[Beam saber slashthrough>Torque punch> Omni-directional lasers> ends with Assault Pack shot]
The Omni-directional lasers will hit other enemies and allies as usual, and is considered a Beam element weapon here (instead of Pressure element), resulting in a whiff if your target has ABC Mantle or any other beam barriers active.




Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>5AB 174  
A~8BC~BB 225
CSA (2hit) >>5AB 174 If you’re near enough when CSA hits
2B~5BBBB 227  Cancel out of 2B as quickly as possible for best damage
2B>>2B>>2B>>2B>>2B 97  Extremely crap damage but actual Lockdown technique
5BBBB(2hit)>8BBBB 281  High damage but long combo
8BB>8BBB 249
4/6BB>8BC~BB 257
CC8BB>4/6BC~B 240 Step backwards as quickly as possible to land the 4/6BC. Ends with bounce
8BC~B>4/6BB>5AB 285  On flat ground only, high damage
5BBBB(2hit)>5BBBB(2hit)> Burst Attack 363
8BC~B>8BB>Burst Attack 374 Easy to land due to BC Superarmor




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