GM Sniper II (White Dingo)


Model Number: RGM-79SP Pilot: Master Pierce Rayer
Cost: 200 Hp: 380 Transform: X Form Change: O

A variant of the GM Command, the GM Sniper II is a high-performance mobile suit equipped with a precision shooting sensor and a visor with a high magnification camera. As the overall performance of the GM Sniper II was superior to a many OYW suits, it was also delegated to other roles whilst piloted by a number of Federation aces. In such situations, the GM Sniper II was also known to have utilised the same Beam Rifle used by the Ground Gundam.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Long Range Beam Rifle 2 95 (110) Fast projectile speed, GM Sniper II does a short maneuver depending on directional input.
Sub Hyper Bazooka 84 Standard bazooka weapon
Special Shooting Long Range Beam Rifle [High Output] 1 176 (191) Fires a thin gerobi at target. Good muzzle correction. Similar to Main, GM Sniper II does a short maneuver depdning on directional input.
Special Melee Visor Mode GM Sniper II puts on its Visor. Increases damage for both Main and Special Shooting and increases Red Lock range.
Burst Attack Long  Range Beam Rifle [Maximum Output] 240(B)/
Fires a thin gerobi that can be manually swerved towards other targets. Large arc of fire


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BB 129 Standard melee combo
8B 8BB 120 Bounces enemy on 2nd hit. Untechable Down
 4B 4BB 112 Launches target on 2nd hit
CC8B CC8B 70 Single-hit Issen that launches target into the air.


The GM Sniper II has no cancel routes, I kid you not


It’s everyone’s favorite jobber from 0080, only this time painted white and piloted by someone actually competent! While the GM Sniper II makes its first appearance as fodder for the Kampfer in 0080, this game features the ones used by the White Dingo Team who used it to great success. True to its namesake, the GM Sniper II sports powerful ranged options that downs enemies quickly, and excels at disrupting the enemy team’s momentum and causing damage from a safe distance. However, the Sniper II does not have good self-defence options and will be extremely vulnerable should it ever find itself cornered by both enemies or be caught in a 1v1 situation. Thus communication with partner is key to playing the GM Sniper II, and sniper enthusiasts need to sync well with their partner so that their partner can pose as a physical barrier for them to snipe in relative safety.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Long Range Beam Rifle
Effectively a beam sniper rifle. Slightly longer startup, projectile speed is constant, regardless of actual distance. Excellent muzzle correction. GM Sniper II can also slide to a specific direction before firing depending on directional input. Useful for avoiding incoming attacks or to align oneself to the target’s vector.

Sub: Hyper Bazooka
Standard bazooka tool. Like most missile-based weapons, the projectile has good tracking performance but can be nullified by any incoming rounds. Furthermore, damage is not boosted when GM Sniper II puts on its visor. 

Special Shooting: Long Range Beam Rifle [High Output]
Pretty much a gerobi. Thickness of the gerobi is rather thin, but this tool has good muzzle correction regardless and deals its maximum damage quickly. Due to its strong muzzle correction, it is entirely possible to hit with this tool even at close ranges. Similar to the Main, the GM Sniper II can also slide to a specific direction before firing depending on directional input. This attack will also leave GM Sniper II vulnerable due to its stationary position, so err on the side of caution before using it.

Special Melee: Visor Mode
GM Sniper II equips its Visor. In this mode, the GM Sniper receives improved red lock range and damage for both Main and Special Shooting is increased. GM Sniper II will remain in this form indefinitely and will only revert upon taking a hit.


Burst Attack

Long Range Beam Rifle [Maximum Output]
GM Sniper II takes a stationary position and fires a gerobi at its targets. Essentially a stronger version of GM Sniper II’s AC, this burst attack can also be swerved to hit moving targets and unsurprisngly does more damage. However, it is not without its drawbacks. The Burst will leave the GM Sniper II very vulnerable during its animation and cannot be cancelled out by any maneuvers, like Boost Dashes, side steps and Boost Dives. Be absolutely, absolutely sure you are in the clear before even attempting to pull this Burst Attack off. 


Melee Set

5BB: Beam Saber Slash > Thrust
Standard 2 hit combo. Mediocre damage but unlike most 200 suit melee combos, is easy to follow up.

4BB: Horizontal Slash > Launch
Launches target in air after second hit. Easy to follow up. Decent chase speed and swerve, but does less damage compared to the 5B chain.

8B: Uppercut > Slash Down
GM Sniper II does an uppercut followed by a downwards slash that results in a ground bounce.

CC8B: Saber Issen
GM Sniper II does a single Issen slash that leaves the target in techable down. 



  • Play Team Free :^) . GM Sniper really shines when paired with a partner who can sync well with it, and that includes knowing how to make openings for it and knowing when to head back to defend if the GM Sniper II is ever caught in a tough spot. You really don’t want to be paired with a gorilla melee player who has no consideration for his rear partner, or another sniping suit.
  • Stick close to your partner! While this sounds contradictory, GM Sniper II doesn’t have good self-defence tools to sufficiently survive in  1 v 1 situations. Sticking close allows your partner to spend minimal time heading back if you’re ever caught unawares and also lets him act as a wall between you and the enemy.
  • Make EVERY shot count. You only have 3 shots (2 Main + 1 AC) before you have to reload, and your enemies will capitalise on this fact too. Take a shot only when you know you can guarantee a hit. Look out for enemy landings, stunned enemies, enemies retreating along the same vector and exploit these situations to make the most out of every shot.
  • Pick those shots well. Every single weapon causes Vernier, which may leave you open to incoming shots. Given GM Sniper II’s low HP pool, it’s absolutely essential that the player minimises any damage taken from exchanges.
  • Be unpredictable. Your enemies will definitely know you’re gunning for landings, so feint those shots if you suspect they might boost dash at the last second. Your directional maneuvers when using Gm Sniper II’s Main will serve useful in these situations.
  • Make sure you always have ammo for at least one weapon (A, AB, AC) at all times. GM Sniper II’s self defence is poor enough already and you never know when you might need to throw out one of these in a last ditch defence.
  • If ammo is sufficient, try forcing movement with a Bazooka before following up with a Long Range Beam Rifle shot. If the Bazooka hit anyway, that’s an added boon and you can down the target with a follow up shot. 


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