God Gundam


Model Number: GF13-017NJII Pilot: Domon Kasshu
Cost: 500 Hp: 750 Transform: X Form Change: X


The Shining Gundam’s successor. The Mobile Fighter’s Ki is harnessed as energy to power the suit’s overwhelming close-combat moves. When its Mobile Fighter achieves a state of Meikyo-Shisui, the entire suit glows gold as if reflecting the nature and power of its Fighter.


Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Erupting God Finger (focused) 2 65 A short-ranged column of fire that stuns on hit
Charged Main Boulder-Breaking Heavenly Fist (Sekiha Tenkyoken) 1 104/162/213 Projectile with 3 charge levels
Sub Vulcan  120 6-30  
Special Shooting God Field Dash A dash with multiple follow-ups
GFD follow-up: God Slash Wave 70 AC~A. A beam-based ranged attack.


Melee   Input DMG Notes
5B Rapid Strikes 5BBBBBB 247 6 inputs, 7 hits
Follow-up: Slash-through 5B~8B  126-177 Can follow-up with this from the 1st to 3rd hit of the 5B string
Uppercut>Aerial Rave 5~2B~C~5BBBBBB 307-312 Same as Master’s air combo
 8B Elbow Strike> Combo 8BBBB 223 High damage per hit
Follow-up: Hundred Punches 8B~2B 251-285 No cut resistance, but high damage
Follow-up: Slash-through 5B~8B 121-179 Same as 5B’s 8B follow-up
8B/CC8B Master Kick 8B/CC8B 85 A rapid, high priority kick
4/6B Left-Right Hook Combo 4/6BBBBB 221  
Follow-up: Slash-through 4/6B~8B 121-179 Same as 5B’s 8B follow-up
Follow-up: Hundred Kicks 4/6B~2B 216-251 No cut resistance, but high damage
2B Counter 2B 125 Counters melee attacks. May input 5B to attack even if counter fails
Boost Dash Melee Whirlwind Kicks CC8BBBBB 224 Good cut resistance, untechable
Follow-up: Hundred Kicks CC8BB~2B 258 Same as 4/6B~2B’s follow-up
Charged Melee Choukyuu Haou Deneidan CSB 181 Multi-hit assault
Special Shooting Follow-ups Head Strikes AC~BBB 151  
Follow-up: Slash-through AC~B8B 116-154 Same as 5B’s 8B follow-up
God Slash  AC~8B or


Body Strikes AC~4/6BB 138  
God Slash Typhoon 2AC or AC~2B 208 Shooting guard while spinning
 Special Melee   Bakunetsu God Finger  BC 114-194  Mash B for more damage
Follow-up: Throw BC~8  106-186  
Follow-up: Heat End BC~2  218~288 Only during Burst. High damage
 Burst Attack  Melee Combo  ABC  337  Lots of hits, GFHE finish
Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken  2ABC  306 Projectile 

Cancel Routes:


AC~A: 5B, 8B, 4/6B

AC~Sidestep: A,5B, 4/6B, 8B, 2B


At first glance God (or Burning, for those who watched the English Dub) looks like another Melee-centric suit, similar to Master and Epyon. However, God is a unique hybrid: It relies more on short-ranged projectiles to start his melee offense. God is very much what the Japanese refer to as a “one-chance” suit. While it’s extremely difficult to get a good offense started against adept opponents, you can never truly write-off a suit that can do 300 damage in a single combo. This is especially true during his Burst aka Hyper Mode aka Meikyo Shisui, where his damage skyrockets and Bakunetsu God Finger becomes a true threat. 

More to come soon!




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