Model Number:MS-07B Pilot: Ramba Ral
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X

Modifying a Zaku II for ground-based combat, the Gouf is equipped with a much larger spike armor, shield, Heat Saber and Heat Rod, all designed for anti-mobile suit battles. It also also modified to be able to ride on a Sub Flight System.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Finger Vulcan 60 36-148 Shoots up to 12 shots per hold
Heat Whip (straight) 133, 161, 186 Hitting with the Heat Rod levels up the weapon, giving it greater range, speed, and damage. Damage numbers shown are for levels 1, 2, and 3
Heat Rod (horizontal) 70, 80, 90 Swing the Heat Rod sideways
Heat Rod (vertical) 80, 90, 100 Swing the Heat Rod downwards, bouncing the opponent
Special Shooting
Giant Bazooka 3 100 Bazooka with a slow startup
Burst Attack
Heat Rod Assault 273(B)/229(L) Melee Combo


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 206  
8B  8B 80  
4/6B 4/6BB 143  
BC *BC  70 Shooting barrier while charging. Kicks the enemy at the end of the charge


Cancel Routes:

A: *AB, AC, BC
Any melee except 8B: *BC


On release, Gouf was listed at the bottom of the 300 tier list- levelling up the whip was too difficult, and at the lowest level, the whip performance was too poor.

Fortunately, Gouf received numerous buffs in an update patch, which have given it a new lease of life. Once its whip is at max level, Gouf becomes an absolute monster in close range, and a potent threat that becomes a top priority to deal with. Unleash your inner dominatrix and you’ll be sure to dominate the battlefield.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Finger Vulcan
Shoots up to 12 shots per hold. This move doesn’t have much down value, so if you want to down the opponent it’s best to follow up with your bazooka or whip.

This move is as average a machine gun as they come. Having said that, it’s all you need to help close the distance between enemies, or apply pressure. 

 Sub: Heat Rod (straight)/(horizontal)/(vertical)
There are three types of input for this weapon.
1)5AB:Hitting with the Heat Rod levels up the weapon, giving it greater range, speed, and damage. 
Mash A to do more damage. Press B to reel the enemy in for a follow-up.The beauty of this move is that you can now do it OTG. If an enemy is lying on the floor in red lock, much like with Wing Zero TV’s 8B, you can pick the enemy off the ground and continue your combo with no proration demerits. 

This move levels up your whip the fastest, and does the most damage. Doing two loops of this move (use the B reel in to link 1 more time) instantly levels you to MAX. However, of all the whip moves, this one has the smallest hitbox. Make full use of your ability to hit OTG to level up your whip quickly.

2)4/6AB: Swing the Heat Rod sideways. Range and damage increases with levels. All around a good self defense tool, and good for hitting sideway dashing enemies. At level 1, the best follow-ups are either hitting the 4/6AB a second time, or going for a 5AB OTG. At max level, it’s easy to go into a full melee combo after hitting this.

3)2/8AB: Swing the Heat Rod downwards, bouncing the opponent. Easy follow up with whatever you want on hit, regardless of whip level. 4/6AB sweeps horizontally, while 2/8AB controls vertical space. At first glance it seems a lot less useful than 4/6AB, but this whip at max level has a huge hitbox of 2 tiles. It’s also important to note that your hitbox above the Gouf is not very large- this is a move made for hitting people below you. This is great as an okizeme tool, and can also be used for its small hop to sidestep and boost dive, mixing up your movement patterns.

Special Shooting: Giant Bazooka
Bazooka with a slow startup. <- This was written before the patch which made the bazooka startup faster. It’s now actually useable, and a good cancel route from your main. 

Melee Set


Slashes 3 times with the Heat Saber. Better performance than an all-rounder suit, but slightly worse performance than a melee-centric suit. Overall pretty good.


Single-hit tackle. Good priority and startup, but poor chase potential. It’s best to pull this move out as a finish to a 5AB~B string, or insert this attack into your melee chase routine if you expect the enemy to intercept your attack with a melee attack of his own.


Slashes twice with the Heat Saber. Average priority and chase speed, but good curve on the approach and chase distance. This is one of your main melee attacks, and it’s good to follow this up with 5AB or 8AB.


Kicks the enemy up, and then slashes them down. Bounces on hit. This move has good startup and priority, and can be used as an okizeme or surprise attack given the quick startup. 


Strike the enemy 3 times. Rather slow startup, but good chase speed. This and 4/6B are your main melee moves. 


Charge at the enemy and kick. You have a shooting guard during the charging animation. This move comes out pretty quick, but the charge speed is very average. The actual kick is also pretty bad, so it’s easy to lose out to enemy melee attacks. This is still very useable because of the shooting guard, but you should be prepared to cancel out of this once you’re in range, and follow up with either another melee attack or any of the whips.

Burst Attack

Heat Rod Assault

Cool combo using the Heat Rod and Heat Saber. Super armor on startup, as with all melee combo Burst Attacks. While this move uses the Head Rod a lot, your Heat Rod level does not affect this move in the slightest, nor does using this move increase your Heat Rod level. 



  • For the first part of the match, focus on hitting your range attacks, and levelling up your Heat Rod.
  • If you are in the support role, try and keep your HP high until your partner dies. Hopefully by then you’d have built up some Burst, so use that to close in on the enemy and hit them with your Heat Rod to level up.
  • Once you hit Heat Rod level MAX, your whip becomes a force to be reckoned with. Depending on how well the match is going in your favor, you can either pick to chill and hit the enemy with your machine gun and bazooka (while beating on enemies that dare to venture too close), or go on a rampage and try to squeeze out a comeback victory.
  • Strikers that can either stun or knock the enemy down (not yellow lock) are best partners for Gouf. Knocking down the enemy in close range means you can pick them up for a OTG whip combo. 


Update Changelog:


  • AB (Lv.1 to MAX): Will continue to grab downed targets on hit
  • Any AB (Lv.1 to 2): Increased charging rate, faster start up
  • 8AB (Lv. MAX): Travels further
  • 4/6 AB (Lv. MAX): Faster start up, easier to follow up on hit
  • AC: Faster start up, now has recoil, inherits more momentum
  • BC: Improved tracking, easier to follow up on hit
  • 8B: Added cancel routes to any AB
  • 4/6B: Adjusted the attack animation
  • 2B: Faster attack animation, easier to follow up on the last hit, adjusted camera
  • CC8B: Improved tracking


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