Gundam Barbatos

Model Number: ASW-G-08 Pilot: Mikazuki Augus
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X

One of the 72 Gundam Frames that was left behind in the aftermath of the Calamity War. Because it was found in the desert of Mars in a state of disrepair, it is not able to display its true combat prowess, even after makeshift improvements. However, its generator’s output still gives it an edge over modern-day Mobile Suits.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
300mm Smoothbore Gun 5 65 Physical rounds with good tracking.
Charged Main
Mace Throw  – 85 Stuns, flies in an arc.
Katana Throw 1 70 Heavy staggers, wide hitbox.
Special Shooting
Command Dash  –  – Swerves according to directional input.
Main during Command Dash  – 100 Knockdown.
Burst Attack Reckless Slash (ABC) 328(B)/281(L)
Melee combo. 
Skewer (2ABC) 298(B)/269(L) Melee Counter. 360-degree coverage.


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 211  Standard Mace Combo.
5B8B 234 Katana Combo. Very kakkoii.
5BB8B 249
5BBB~8B 264
5B~2B 229 Imaples with mace before kicking the enemy away.
5BB~2B 236
5BBB~2B 243
8B 8B 128 Hopping stab
4/6B 4/6BBB 128 Series of horizontal mace attacks/kicks.
4/6B~8B 234 Katana combo derivative. 
4/6BB~8B 243
4/6B~2B 229 Imaples with mace before kicking the enemy away. 
4/6BB~2B 230
2B 2B   Melee Counter. 
2B~B 70 Debris throw. Weak Stun.
CC8B CC8BB 124 Kick and mace uppercut
BC 5BC  90 Shoryuken with the mace
8/2BC 80 Helmsplitter. 
4/6BC 95 Swings the mace around 720 degrees.


Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, *BC
B: BC, AC (except during Katana combo)
AC: A, AB, BC, any melee



Featuring a good mix of offensive melee and ranged tools, Gundam Barbatos is a good mobile suit for players just getting into Gundam Versus.

While its melee damage potential is high, the melee priority of Barbatos’ moves are average at best and are not cut-resistant. Beginners are recommended to hold off on pushing for melee combos and focus more on supporting their partners with well-placed salvoes from both its Smoothbore Gun and the Sword Throw and close in for a melee only against unsuspecting opponents.

Of course, if priority is too look cool and dish out melee combos, go ham.



Ranged Weapons

Main: 300mm Smoothbore Gun
The rounds from Barbatos’ Smoothbore Gun feature some of the best tracking in the game. Expect to hit targets at angles conventional beam rifle shots would not. It also ignores any protection that specifically blocks Beam weaponry, like the Crossbone Gundams’ ABC mantles. That being said, it does have its weaknesses however.
It’s property of being a Physical projectile means that it will be neutralised by ANY incoming projectile, and it’s damage per hit and ammo count are generally below average. However, do not be mistaken, this is still an excellent tool overall.

Charged Main: Mace throw
Barbatos throws it’s Giant Mace. Stuns on hit. While tracking is mediocre, it does travel at an arc. Recommended to use only when enemy is below you due to its arc or as a supplement to your ranged options.

Sub: Katana Throw
Barbatos throws the Katana horizontally at the target. Don’t worry, he magically gets it back after 6 seconds :^)
The projectile has a wide hitbox and can catch targets the Smoothbore Gun otherwise could not. Use it to catch landings, catch sidestepping enemies or just exploiting its wide horizontal hitbox against players trying to rush you down. Overall, this is a good offensive and defensive weapon to have.

Special Shooting: Command Dash~Smoothbore Gun
Barbatos dash in the directional input.  Left and right will boost forward in a curve, front directly forward, back will dash directly backwards. Direction of dash can be slightly adjusted with the appropriate directional input. Usable even in overheat.
While dash speed is not overly fast, low boost consumption makes repeated uses of the Command Dash a good tool to close in. Its ranged cancels are good tool to quickly Down any enemy and the 2AC~A option lets you put more distance between you and the enemy.
The Smoothbore Gun derivative causes knockdown, but also consumes ammo from your Main. To conserve ammo, opt for A~AC~A to down an enemy within 2 shot instead of the normal Zunda consuming 3.

Melee Set

5B: Mace Combo
Last hit bounces. Can be cancelled to 8B or 2B during the first 3 hits. Your go-to for a melee starter for Barbatos.

5B, 4/6B~8B: Rapid katana slashes
Slashes 6 times with katana before ending the combo with a final slash that downs. Most of the damage comes from the 6th slash, so only cancel out after the 6th slash to extend your combo. This move itself moves Barbatos forward quite a bit, making it less prone to being interrupted.

5B, 4/6B~2B: Mace Drive> Kick
Drives the Mace into target and kicks. Does more damage as compared to the 8B derivative, but the high proration on the first hit makes it bad to continue comboing. Opt for this derivative for quick damage, especially when in Blaze Gear to make full use of the Burst time.

8B: Hopping Mace Stab
Might seem difficult to follow up after this hits, but infact u can forwardstep cancel~8AC~5B to continue attacking

4/6B: Mace Swing Combo
Due to the very wide swinging arc, it might hit more than just your intended target. Be careful when using it when your ally is close by. Note that the 2nd hit will push your target further away, making it impossible to hit with 4BB>4BC

5B, 4/6B~8B: Rapid katana slashes
5B, 4/6B~2B: Mace Drive> Kick
See above.

2B: Counter / Debris Toss
Melee counter, which also blocks incoming ranged attacks. If countered, does a jump katana stab and kick. Bait enemies by dashing in with AC then 2B. Input B to command Barbatos to toss the piece of debris which stuns on hit. The piece of rubble is a physical projectile, but still blocks ranged attacks while being toss. The tossing speed is quite slow, but still usable to conserved Main ammo. Don’t spam 2BBB in panic due to the tossing animation causing you to be wide open to attacks.

And no this isn’t a bad pun on them being Space Debris. Or Space Rats.

CC8B: Kick>Mace knockup
Fairly standard CC8B attack. Chain it into CSA for a stun, or into 5BC.

Special Melee:
There are 3 types of input for this weapon.

1) 5BC: Mace Upswing
Barbatos does an upswing with its Giant Mace that sends its target flying upwards. Weak priority, slow startup. Not recommended except as a finisher for combos. but katana combo finisher is cooler anyway

2) 2BC: Helmsplitter
Barbatos does a backflip before slamming down with the Giant Mace. Has landing property. Bounces any target hit by it but difficult to hit raw. However, this move is a boost-efficient method to gain vertical height quickly, disorienting projectilkes and the enemy player’s camera and for covering your landings. Weak offensive tool, but an excellent defensive one. Also good to hitting targets directly above you. 

3) 4/6BC: Mace Roundhouse
Barbatos does a roundhouse with the giant mace. Hitbox extends after the first revolution but zero chase distance. While this move theoretically could give Barbatos a 360degree defence against incoming enemies, the startup is for too long to be used reliably.

Burst Attack

Reckless Slash
Slight risk of being interrupted as Barbatos doesn’t move much during the latter half.

A melee counter that will counter incoming melee from 360 degrees.  Has Superarmor against ranged attacks. The first hit of this attack is a slashthrough, so it will still dash towards enemies with long melee attacks like whips and long beam sabers from Epyon/Zeta and hit them regardless. Good against the enemy that you are not locked on to as a surprise attack. Unfortunately the counter will also trigger off your ally’s melee.



  • Try to avoid shooting unnecessary as you have only 5 ammo which is considered very low as compared to other units in the same cost.
  • Do A~AC~A for decent range damage while saving ammo.
  • 2BC is a good move to make your landing less predictable and could also be used in closing in to your opponent. 2BC then step forward and fuwa over your opponent’s head at the height of your jump to make it difficult for them to shoot you

Recommended Combos

(>> is Boost Dash Cancel, > is Step cancel, ~ is direct cancel)

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>5B~8B 203  
A~AC~A 135 Save ammo with the AC~A’s increased down value
AB>>5BBB~8B>5B~2B 246  
5BBB>5BBBB 243 Easily interrupted, but last hit is a Bounce.
5BBB>5B~5BC 260  
5BBB~8B(6 hits)>5BBB~2B 302  
8B (step forward)>AC~5BBB~2B 290  
4/6B~8B(6 hits)>5B~2B 272  
CC8B>5BBB~2B 258  
5BBB>Burst Attack 354  







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