Gundam F91

Model Number:F91   Pilot: Seabook Arno   
Cost: 400 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

An prototype unit developed by Earth Federation’s Strategic Naval Research Institute under their Formula series. Equipped with a Biocomputer (meant to be the next generation of Psycommu) , it directly links with the pilot’s mind, greatly improving precise and mobile movements.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo
(During MEPE)
(During MEPE)
Beam Rifle 6 70 Standard BR.
Charged Main
Beam Launcher  – 122 Fires 3 beams.
Charged Melee
Beam Shield Throw  – 62 Tosses out a slow floating shield that damages anything that runs into it.
1 (2) 126 (153) AB:Damage is increased during MEPE
VSBR [Consecutive]
111 (130) 4/6AB:Fires two consecutive shots. Stuns on hit.
VSBR [Snipe]
108 (117) 2AB:Fires an extremely fast projectile. Excellent tool for catching landings.
Special Shooting
MEPE  100  – Cuts tracking for entirety of duration.
Burst Attack Beam Volley
 – 258 (B)/255(L) F91 strikes with a series of shots with its Beam Rifle and beam Launcher.


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 173 Standard Beam Sabre Combo
5BB~8B 178 Untechable, can follow up with another attack
8B 8B 171 Last hit is an untechable down and spins the enemy.
4/6B  4/6BB  167 Series of horizontal slashes
 4/6B~8B  129  
2B 2BB  199 F91 does a series of rising slashes
2B~A 149 F91 does a series of slashes before ending off with 2 beam rifle shots while backflipping. Does not consume any ammo.


CC8B  CC8B  150 Spins beam sabers with both hands, large hitbox on both sides. Useful. 
BC  BC  134(171) Beam Shield Slash. Has Shooting Guard on startup. Damage is increased during MEPE. 

Cancel Routes:

A: *AB, AC, BC
All Melee except BC: *AB



A familiar face from the Extreme Versus series, F91 makes an appearance once again with a variety of improvements. An excellent all-rounder for both beginners and veterans alike, F91 features great ranged options, excellent mobility, good melee AND a very nifty MEPE system.

True to its nature as a nimble mobile suit, Gundam F91’s overall mobility is top-class. It’s small stature, good BD speed and MEPE system make it a very difficult unit to hit when in the hands of a competent player. A large variety of ranged tools makes it a versatile rear support unit, able to lay down a respectable amount of fire for it’s partner.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
Average Beam Rifle weapon with low ammo count.

Charged Main: Beam Launcher
F91 fires three shots over the shoulder from it’s Beam Rifle. Causes Vernier but carries good inertia from previous movement. While tracking of the rounds is generally mediocre, this is a good tool to poke at enemies while conserving ammo. Causes Forced Down if all three projectiles hit.

Sub: Variable Speed Beam Rifle (VSBR)
Depending on directional input, F91 can fire off one of three different types of shots from this weapon. All variations can be cancelled from any melee finisher.

1) 5AB(VSBR):
F91 fires off two separate but closely packed shots from its VSBR that causes Forced Down if both hit. Use this tool to cancel from a beam rifle to save ammo but take note that it causes Vernier when used and can leave you vulnerable. Damage caused upon hit is respectable, and is increased (80 per projectile) if F91 has MEPE active.

2) 4/6AB(VSBR [Consecutive Shots]):
F91 fires off two consecutive shots from its VSBR that stuns on hit. While Damage per projectile itself is pretty weak, the startup is fast and the move itself carries inertia. Because of these properties, this is a good tool for catching landings at close-medium ranges and also useful for stunning targets that are attempting to melee you. Like the other VSBR tools, projectile damage is increased (70 per projectile) during MEPE.

3) 8/2AB(VSBR [Snipe]):
Similar to 5AB, f91 fires off two closely-packed beams that causes Forced Down when both hit. While the startup for this tool is noticeably longer and cumulative damage is the lowest amongst all VSBR tools, the projectile speed is extremely fast. Use this to catch landings from afar or for sniping down distant enemies along the same vector. Like the other VSBR tools, projectile damage is increased (65 per projectile) during MEPE.

Special Shooting: Metal Peel-off Effect (MEPE)
F91 activates MEPE, a form that lets F91 move while leaving behind afterimages (with mass!). Causes Vernier upon activation. In-game, this translates to all tracking of projectiles targeted at F91 being nullified for the entirety of the duration. Asides from cutting tracking, this form also increases the damage of all VSBR types and provides a speed boost and an increase in red lock distance. An excellent tool both offensive and defensive-wise, this form gives F91 extra insurance when running away from pursuing enemies and also opens up more opportunities to close in to your enemies. However, any damage incurred while in this form will do 1.5x more damage than usual, so be especially careful not to run into any wide area attacks (gerobis, etc.) or get hit while activating this form.

Charged Melee: Beam Shield Throw
F91 releases one of its beam shiled that floats in place and damages any target that runs into it. Possible to lay it over a downed enemy and hope he wakes up and runs into it, but otherwise this is pretty useless. D.LET THIS

Special Melee: Beam Shield Slash
F91 extends its beam shield into a blade and performs a wide horizontal slash with it. Chase distance, startup and overall damage are generally good, and F91 gains Shooting Guard with this move until the blade has been extended. Use this tool to catch landings as the wide hitbox and Shooting Guard makes sidestepping and shooting back a very unreliable counter against this move.

Burst Attack: Beam Volley
F91 strikes with a series of shots with its Beam Rifle and beam Launcher.
Cuts tracking for entirety of duration and has Super Armor up until the first shot.

Melee Set

5BBB: Vertical Slash > Vertical Slash > Vertical Slash
Series of vertical slashes, but downs opponent, making it hard to follow up. Can be followed up with AB. Relatively fast startup.

5BB~8B: Vertical Slash > Vertical Slash > Horizontal Slash
Series of vertical slashes followed by a side slash that sends target spinning to the side. Difficult to follow up, even with AB.

8B: Sideswipe
Series of slashes that ends with a horizontal slash that sends target spinning to the side.

4/6B: Horizontal Slash>Horizontal Slash>Sideswipe
Bread and butter of F91’s melee. Swerve and chase distance are all good and priority is decent. Recommended starter for melee combos

2BBB: Rising Slash
F91 does a series of Rising Slashes. Does the highest amount of damage raw out of all of F91’s melee, but also has high damage proration. Not particularly interrupt-resistant, but fast startup and good chase distance makes this a viable alternative to CC8B

2B~A: Rising Slash > Beam Rifle shots
2B derivative that ends with F91 firing two beam rifle shots upside down. Second beam rifle shot is a guaranteed down if it hits, even if first shot was nullified by Beam Mantles etc.

BC: Beam Shield Slash
Good shit good shit that’s some good shit right here
Has Shooting Guard during its startup, good chase distance and speed and WIDE
(like <———————–THIS—————————> wide) horizontal hitbox. Excellent chasing tool thanks to these properties. Furthermore, damage is boosted during MEPE.



  • F91 has one less Beam Rifle ammo than its other 400 counterparts, supplement your ranged game with shots from your CSA
  • Because F91 has ZERO physical projectile weapons asides from the mediocre CSB, it is very vulnerable against suits that Anti-beam defences (e.g. Crossbone Gundams). Be especially careful when facing off against these suits.
  • F91 also does not fair well in close range against suits with wide sweeping attacks (X1, X1FC, Epyon’s whips, Providence and Unicorn (NTD) BC. Because of the nature of these sweeping attacks, MEPE does not provide a reliable defence against these attacks.
  • MEPE can be used both offensively or defensively. As a 400 cost though, the chances are that you will have to use to survive after respawning in overcost. Just by Boost Dashing in MEPE is enough to avoid the standard ranged attacks, so opt to Boost Dash instead of using spamming Boost Dash Cancel.
  • BC Beam Shield Slash will not work against multi-hit ranged attacks like gerobi.


Recommended Combos

(>> is Boost Dash Cancel, > is Step cancel, ~ is direct cancel)

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG [During MEPE] Notes
A~AB 154 [173] Basic ranged combo for a quick Forced Down. Also boost and ammo efficient
A~A~AB 161 [170] Increased boost usage compared to a zunda but higher damage
4/6AB(1hit)>>A>>A 159 [169] High damage; use this whenever after catching a target’s landing with 4/6AB
2BB~AB 243 [252] High damage, fast and boost efficient combo
4BB>5BBB 220 Not particularly outstanding, but reliable damage and useable when Sub is on cooldown. Bread and butter combo.
Any melee~AB Variable Quickly finish a melee combo and inflict Forced Down an enemy should you foresee yourself getting interrupted soon
4B>ABC 293(B)/268(L) Fast and efficient way to get a Burst attack in. Also Interrupt resistant due to nature of the Burst Attack’s movements.



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