Gundam Fight! God Gundam and Master Gundam has entered the ring!

Finally, the much anticipated units from G Gundam are coming to Gundam Versus as January’s DLC units! God Gundam (also knowing as Burning Gundam in the English dub), and Master Gundam will be joining the fray as cost 500 units. To top it off, both come with 2 BGMs from the G Gundam series to heat up your battles!

God Gundam

Cost: 500 Pilot: Domon Kasshu

Bonus BGM:
-FLYING IN THE SKY (youtube)
Mind is Clear and Serene – Though My Palm is as a Raging Fire (Waga kokoro meikyoshisui ~ Saredo kono tenohira wa rekka no gotoku, youtube)


Command Weapon
Main (Chargeable) Erupting God Finger (Gerobi)
Melee (Chargeable) Barehanded
Sub Vulcan
Special Shooting God Field Dash / God Slash / God Slash Typhoon
Special Melee Erupting God Finger
Burst Attack Ranbu / Love Love Tenkyouken

God Gundam is back, as a unique hybrid of a Melee and Ranged suit. Going by its past playstyles, it differs from close-range suits like Epyon and Master in that it utilizes ranged attacks in close quarters.

Because all Assists have been removed from suits ported from MBON to GVS, God has lost the ability to ride Fuun Saiki, and instead fires its vulcans as a sub weapon. Bummer.


Master Gundam

Cost: 500 Pilot: Master Asia

Bonus BGM:
-Trust You Forever (youtube)
-Overcoming a Burning Hatred (Moeagare toushi~Imawashiki shukumei o koete, youtube)


Command Weapon
Main (Chargable) Darkness Shot
Melee (Chargable) Barehanded
Sub Master Cloth
Special Shooting Jyuuniou Houpai Daisharin (Circle of Twelve Kings)
Special Melee Hundred Punches / Darkness Finger / Choukyuu Haou Deneidan (Super Overlord Electric Shadow Bullet)
Burst Attack Chyoukyuu Haou Deneidan – Master vs Disciple

Master is back, and ready to challenge Epyon for the title of most dangerous melee Mobile Suit. While both suits are equipped with whip-like weapons, Master has a few ranged attacks up its sleeve that helps him chase down targets.

These 2 units are slated to be released in the second half of January 2018, at 602 yen + tax each.

Cover pictures source from Gundam Wikia

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