Gundam Gp03 Stamen

Model Number: RX-78GP03S   Pilot: Kou Uraki  
Cost: 400 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

GP03 Stamen is the mobile suit which controls of the Dendrobium Orchis, a Mobile Armor designed to protect specific territories in space. Its tail thrusters gives it great mobility, and the suits overall performance is overwhelming.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Folding Bazookas 10 76-128 Fires 2 Bazooka per input.
Charged Main Beam Rifle (3 shot/ High Ouput) 64-137
Triple BR shot
140 One shot down BR, vernier
Sub Large Missile Pod 2 75/shot 6 large missiles in a fan shape
Micro Missiles 40/shot 12 set of microsmissile
Special Shooting Mega Beam Cannon 1 235 Decent muzzle correct
Special Melee Explosive Cable 2 72 Able to do *BC~*BC.
76 Fire 1 bazooka after jumping
Burst Attack Point Blank Mega Beam Cannon 282(B)/263(L) Dendrobium point blank mega beam cannon.


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 182  Orchis Giant Beam Saber slash
5B 5BB~A 184 Will reload main ammo back to 10 no matter how many ammo you have left and fires out two shots.
8B 8B 84 Able to deal 203 damage with just 8B>8B>8B. Dust Down
4B 4BBB 147  Spinning attack. 
2B 2BB 154  Bounces.
CC8B CC8B 150  X-Slash


Cancel Routes:

*BC except 7/8/9BC: A, *B


The GP03 Stamen is an all rounder unit which “summons” out weapons from the Dendrobium to fight. 

This unit has more value to being a back role unit with many harassment weapons like the Mega Beam Cannon and Folding Bazooka to save your partner and can use its Explosive cable to jump out of danger if needed.   Even when forced to be in a taiman situation, even without the range weapon this unit still have decent melee combo to get a chance to win the melee fight.


Ranged Weapons

Main: Folding Bazookas
Fires two bazooka per input and reloads only when ammo is at 0.

Try not to fire 2 bazooka out in a row if you do not have the confidence to hit the opponent . Instead just fire one bazooka and boost cancel away before the 2nd one is out to conserve ammo, or practice Double Impact to fire one bazooka then then release CSA immediately.

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (3 shot/ High Ouput)
There are two types of input for this weapon:
1) *CSA except 2CSA: Fires 3 Shot BR without causing vernier. Recommended to use this input more if you are not confident of your landing punishment, or just for suppressing fire. 
2)  2CSA: Fires one big shot which instant knockdown the opponent upon hit.

Sub: Large Missile Pod/Micro Missiles
There are two types of input for this weapon:
1)5AB:Summons a large missile pod on the left which fires 2 waves of 3 large missiles in a fan shape, each causing a small explosion radius.
2)*AB:Summons a micro missile pod on the right which fires 12 small missiles with some tracking. 

These two inputs can be deployed together by inputting 5AB~*AB or *AB~5AB and it is recommenced to do so to have a higher hitrate. Reloads when empty just like Main, so fire off that remaining 1 ammo if the situation allows. 

Special Shooting: Mega Beam Cannon
Fires a gerobi with decent muzzle correction.
Best used to do a landing punishment, but take note to not use it at a very close distance as the opponent might be behind your cannon’s muzzle which will cause it to miss completely. It also doesn’t track well for targets above gp03.

Special Melee: Explosive Cable
An escape move where GP03 jumps according to your direction input and detonate an explosive cable along his tracks after jumping the full distance.  Boost Dive during the 2nd half of the cable when GP03 is moving downwards to inherit a good amount of the inertia. 
You are able to input any direction (including diagonal) for the explosive cable and also able to use the explosive cable twice in a row i.e. *BC~*BC.  You could also hold down BC to delay the cable’s explosion.
At the end of the jumping animation you could press A to fire one Folding Bazooka shot using the left bazooka. But take note that this will consume the main ammo and cannot be done if you are jumping in the 7, 8 or 9 direction.  

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber Slash> Giant Beam Saber Slash
Swings 2 standard beam saber slash, and summons out the Giant Beam Saber from Orchis for a final slash. Knocks target to the left. Decent melee with good reach on the intial 5B

5BB~A: Point Blank Folding Bazooka
Summons out the weapon container, reloads main to 10 ammo and fires 2 bazooka. You can BDC out of the combo just as the reloads happens, so you get full 10 ammo, and continue with another melee combo. Or you can opt to use a Striker to score a knockdown. 

8B: Stab
Good damage and good proration, and also causes Dust Down. Good for a melee combo finisher

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash>Whirlwind
Initial hit has fast start up, making it a good melee when in a melee war. However GP03 stands completely still while spinning.  The spin itself has 4 hits, of which first 3 hits are Stagger and the 4th hit is Down. Cancel out on the 3rd hit to combo into more damage as hitting a Downed target gives u a -25% proration. 

2BB: Uppercut> Giant Beam Saber Slam
Last hit bounces, so feel free to combo into anything else. 

CC8BB: X-slash
The first hit launches the target upwards slightly, while the second hit slams target into the ground. Choose which hit to cancel out from for the best damage or utility. 

Burst Attack
Point Blank Mega Beam Cannon
Hits the opponent up in the air and rides Dendrobium to do a point blank mega beam cannon. The entire animation finishes quickly, and the Dendrobium flying upwards before firing makes it more difficult for your opponent to interrupt. 


  • It would be wise for you to not spam the bazooka main as it takes quite awhile to reload and relying on your charged main isn’t the best option when someone is chasing you. Instead you can save your shots by firing the bazooka one by one (by BDC before the 2nd shot is fired) and could fire both when its a guarantee hit.
  • The sub hitrate in this game is quite shit so don’t count on it hitting the opponent too much. Instead use this to bait the opponent by wasting his/her boost and do some landing punishment.
  • The AC have quite a decent tracking. If the opponent is mid red lock range and he/she is not noticing you, there is a high chance that you will hit. But take note to not use it at a very close range as the mega beam cannon is so long that the opponent might be in between you and the muzzle of the cannon when you use it.(Sometimes its not a good thing to have long stuff)
  • Lay down covering fire with BC~CSA. Release the CSA at the peak of your jump so you get more momentum carried over.


Recommended Combos

(>> is Boost Dash Cancel, > is Step cancel, ~ is direct cancel)

Input DMG Notes
5BB>2BB~2CSA 228  
8B>2BB~2CSA 274  
4BB(3hits)>2BB~2CSA 238 Cancel out during the 3rd hit of the spin.
2BB>8B~2CSA 258  
CC8B>8B>Burst Attack 349  




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