Gundam Mk II (Titans)

Model Number:RX-178 Pilot: Kamille Bidan
Cost: 300 Hp: 520 Transform: X Form Change: X

A prototype suit made with the intention of better performance fighting inside Colonies. It is the first of its kind to have a movable frame, resulting in great agility. However, out of the 4 completed units, 3 were stolen by AEUG.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 5 70 Manual reload when zero ammo
Sub Hyper Bazooka 3 AB:89 

*AB:75 (Bazooka hit) /12-141 (Scattershot)

AB: A normal bazooka

*AB: Scattershot bazooka

Special Shooting Beam Saber Throw 1 61-86 Staggers the opponent upon hit
Burst Attack “You look so pitiful!” 267(B)/229(L) Melee combo


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 170  
8B 8BB 129  
4/6B 4/6BBB 161  
2B 2B 80 Stuns opponent upon hit
CC8B CC8B 162 Untechable
Charged Melee CSB 65 Staggers the opponent abit upon hit. Has Shield Property
CSB~B 122 Follow up with a saber slash
BC BC 134 Able to link from main and in middle of melee combo. Dust Down.


Cancel Routes:

All melee (Including CSB) other than BC: BC


As compared to its other counterpart, the white Gundam MK II, this unit is able to fight and stand on its ground without using any powerup. The black Gundam MK II have great melee sets which packs good damage for its cost and have ranged weapons to help as a startup to its melee.  Use this unit if you feel like asserting dominance on your opponent by continuously kicking and stomping them while Kamila is laughing. 



Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
Average BR. Manual reload when zero ammo.

Sub: Hyper Bazooka
Fires a bazooka, causes vernier. Able to fire all 3 bazooka in a row.

There are two types of input for this weapon:
1)AB: A normal bazooka.
2)*AB: Scattershot bazooka. Able to deal high damage if all scattershot hits. Good to use as a means to catch and stagger the opponent, or as anti melee.

Special Shooting: Beam Saber Throw
Throws double spinning beam saber and staggers the opponent upon hit. Recommended to use as landing punishment or melee counter.

Melee Set

5BBB: Triple slash
A standard 3 hit combo. Able to follow up with BC after last hit.

8BB: Stab>Downward slash
Bounces the opponent after last hit. Able to follow up with BC after last hit.

4BBB: Double horizontal slash>Vulcan> Slash through
Hits the opponent up to the air after last hit. Able to follow up with BC after last hit. 

2B: Slash through
Stuns the opponent upon hit. Good tool to use as a start up for other melee combo.

CC8BB: Downward kick>Double slash
Sends the opponent flying after last hit. As this melee combo is very hard to follow up, recommended to just use the downward kick then rainbow cancel out to other melee combo.

CSB: Shield Tackle
Staggers the opponent for a short period of time upon hit. Good to use as a means to close in as this melee have shooting guard during rushing animation.

CSB~B: Shield Tackle>Slash
Slashes the opponent after shield tackle. Able to follow up with BC after last hit.

BC: Double kick
Kicks the opponent away after last hit. Recommended to use this melee as a follow up for other melee combo to deal great damage.

Burst Attack

“You look so pitiful!”
Kicks the opponent, jabs twice, stomps on the opponent twice and kicks him/her away. Good damage.



  • AC is your best weapon to defend against melee attack or doing landing punish. Do not use it meaninglessly.
  • Use AB when you are aiming at an opponent who is mid to far range. If is close range or you are defending against melee attacks, use *AB instead for better damage and higher hitrate.
  • Always take note how many main ammo you have left. You do not want to screw yourself up realizing that you do not have enough main ammo to shoot while doing a zunda. 


Recommended Combos

A~BC>A 184 Step forward then fire the last main
AC>>CC8B~*AB 227 Step backwards after CC8B
Input DMG Notes
5BBB~BC 235
4/6BB>*AB 232~254 Launches and sprays bazooka. Step backwards after the 4/6BB 
8BB~BC 211  
BC>2B>2B 222 Input as fast as possible
A>>5BBB>Burst Attack 263
5BBB>5BB>Burst Attack 328


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