Gundam Throne Zwei

Model Number:GNW-002 Pilot: Michael Trinity
Cost: 300 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X

Trinity’s close-range combat Gundam. Armed with GN Beam Sabers and its GN Buster sword, it is a unit designed to shrug off minor damage to inflict heavy damage in close quarters. In the event that its targets are out of its range, it uses its remote GN Fangs to attack from all angles. 

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main GN Hand Gun 4 65 Low ammo and damage.
Sub GN Beam saber (Throw) 1 70 Stuns opponent upon hit.
Special Shooting GN Fang 1 25~133/
Deploys 6 GN fangs towards the opponent. Damage numbers are Charge/Beam fired
Burst Attack GN Buster Sword Continuous Attack 273(B)/234(L)  Melee Combo.


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 201  
8B 8B 172 Hits the opponent to the air at the end of melee combo.
4B 4BB 166  
2B 2B 100 Melee Counter.
2B Derivative 5B(B), 4/6B(B)~2B 90 Launches target into air
8B Derivative 5B(B), 4/6B(B)~8B 80 Slam dunk
CC8B CC8B 161 Hits the opponent to the air at the end of melee combo.
BC  BC 129 Jumps forward and slashes the opponent.
4/6BC 124 Slides left/right and slashes the opponent.


Cancel Routes:

A: AB, *BC





Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Hand Gun
Average BR. Very low ammo and damage. Do not carelessly spam this and this is Zwei’s only ranged weapon that does not cause vernier.

Sub: GN Beam saber (Throw)
Stuns opponent upon hit. Very fast start up, but does not carry over any momentum from the previous action. Get into position using BC, sidestep then use this for better chances of hitting.

Special Shooting: GN Fang
Deploys 6 GN fangs towards the opponent. Fangs will charge into the target if within range (about 6 blocks in Practice Stage) , if the enemy is about 9 blocks away, the Fangs will fly forward then fire beams. Both cause Heavy Stagger and have the same amount of proration.

During Burst, Zwei shoots out 8 Fangs instead, drastically boosting the damage done from this attack. 

Melee Set

5BBBB: GN Buster Sword Slashes
Slow start up, with camera change on the 3rd and 4th hit. The last hit doesn’t cause bounce despite slamming the target onto the ground. Use this as part of a combo to deal more damage.

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slashes x2>Uppercut
Slow start up, last hit launches target up into the air. Know the difference between this and 4/6BC

5B(B), 4/6B(B)~8B: Slam dunk
A one hit slamming attack that causes Bounce. Use for for lockdown and buy time, especially if used from high in the air.

5B(B), 4/6B(B)~2B: Uppercut
A one hit uppercut that launches target into the air, causes spinning down. Great for comboing into other attacks. 

8BB: Horizontal Slash>Drag
Drags target forward for a distance before launching your target upwards into an untechable down. Good Interrupt Resistance due to the movement, and to also ferry your target forward into a corner, or into your partner. 

2B: Counter
Upon successful melee counter, stuns target and sends out GN Fangs to attack while slowly backing off. Does not down target even after all the Fangs hit, so please follow up with something else. 

CC8B: Stab>Kick>Slashthrough
Slow start up. Has Shooting Guard  during the 1st hit, and the movement is fast for an attack that has Shooting Guard. 

BC: GN Buster Sword
There are two inputs for this attack. 

1) 5BC: Jump slash>Slashthrough
Jumps forward in a arc, slashes once, then performs a slashthough which launches target up. Zwei will jump higher up the further he is from the target. Great move to end your combo with since it has a slashthrough. Also Zwei’s pyonkaku. However using it in green lock will only make Zwei jump up slightly, and he will still perform the first sword swing. Step cancel out before you get stuck in the swinging animation.

2) 4/6BC: Dash>Slash> Slashthrough
Dashes forward in arc according to the direction input, then performs the slashes. Similar to Exia, Zwei will need to perform the full dashing distance before he executes the slash, and can also dash in whichever direction he’s facing while in green lock. This allows you to run away very quickly, provided there is an enemy in green lock range. 

Burst Attack

GN Buster Sword Continuous Attack

Melee Combo. Pretty useful as Zwei moves around quite a bit during the 2nd half of it, and it has a decently short animation.


  • Try to refrain yourself from doing too much zunda as the ammo for this unit is low. Fire one BR at a time, upon link just follow up with melee if not far from opponent.
  • A~BC is a great cancel route to use for this unit. You will have high chance to land a melee combo if used correctly at close range.
  • Always deploy GN fang at red lock to have better hitrate.
  • Since this unit kinda lacks weapon in chasing the opponent, having strikers like Guntank, X3 or Gold Sumo would be a good choice.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>5BBBB 184  
A~5BC>A 174  
AB>>AC(6hits)>>A 206 Mid-range combo that does over 200 dmg
AB>>CC8B>5BC 207
5BBB>5BBBB 233 Slow but easy to do.
8BB>4/6BB~2B 246 Launches and good damage
4/6BBB>8BB 237 Step forward then 8BB
During Awakening
AB>>4/6BB~2B>>Burst Attack 308  
AC>>AB>>A 266 High damage for a ranged combo
5BBBB>5BBB>Burst Attack 352 Step forward both times to link the attacks
CC8BB>Burst Attack 308  


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