Gundam Versus Update Ver 1.06 details are out! Buffs/Nerfs Incoming! Full Change Log HERE!

Gundam Versus’ biggest buff/banhammer drops 3rd Ocotober 2017, 1000hrs JPN timing. A lot of the underwhelming suits were buffed, with special attention being paid to the play-once-and-never again DLC suits (Gusion Rebake and Pale Rider). In addition, the world rejoiced as the top 500 suits (Hot Scramble & X1 Full Cloth) have been drastically nerfed. Perhaps the better term is normalized?

In addition, the dominant strikers have also been nerfed. Maybe we’ll get to see some gameplay variety, instead of the same three strikers in everyone’s loadout.

It’s good to see that Bandai Namco is taking fan feedback seriously in its gameplay changes. Be sure to test out your favorite adjusted suits next week!

And yes, before anyone asks, this buff will also definitely drop at the same time for other regions. Shared server, y’all.

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Mobile Suit Changes


  • HP reduced (From 560 to 520)
  • Main bullet speed down
  • Main tracking down
  • CSA damage down (From 80 to 70)
  • 2AB damage down (From 18 to 15), proration increase , inertia inherited reduced, lowered hitbox’s vertical placement
  • AC damage down (From 221 to 203)


  • CSA tracking down
  • AB reload (From 9 to 10 sec)
  • AC reload (From 25 to 38 sec)
  • 2B travel distance reduced


  • AB reload timing reduced (From 6 to 4.5 sec)
  • AC reload type changed to continuous, reload time reduced
  • Added cancel route AC~BC

    During MS mode:
  • AB projectile speed up, tracking up
  • Increased damage for 5B combo string (From 224 to 232)
  • Increased damage for 4/B combo string (From 168 to 176)
  • Increased added cancel route 2B~AC cancel route

    During MA Mode:
  • AB tracking up

    During Burst MA Mode:
  • BC tracking up
  • Shooting Guard area increased for BC

Rick Dias

  • Back shot projectile is now fatter, bigger hitbox, increased damage (From 85 to 102)
  • AB projectile speed up, tracking up
  • AC faster start up; increased inertia inherited, Reload type changed to continuous , reduced reload time
  • Added 5B(B)~2B cancel route
  • Easier to follow up after CC8B hit


  • Easier to follow up after CSA hits
  • Increase ammo for AB (From 12 to 18), reduced reload time
  • Increase projectile speed for BC
    During MA Mode
  • Easier to follow up after 5B hits


  • Added A~BC
  • Adjusted AB projectile speed, now easier for the 2nd bullet to hit
  • Reload time for AC reduced (From 6 to 5 sec)
  • Increased projectile speed and tracking for 4/6AC
  • Increased projectile speed for 2/8 AC
  • BC’s beam rifle shots will now home onto the target even if the Beam Saber throw misses
  • Reduced down value for BC’s 1st and 2nd hit
  • BC’s 3rd hit will now down the target

Vigna Ghina

  • Faster start up for AB, reduced reload time (From 6 to 5 sec)
  • Added AB~BC cancel route
  • Increased Vigna’s travel speed for 4/6AB
  • Adjusted the distance Vigna Ghina will move during AC
  • Reduced reload time for AC (From 9 to 8 sec)
  • Adjusted the distance Vigna Ghina will move during BC
  • Reduced reload time for BC (From 8 to 7 sec), increased Shooting Guard area

Tallgeese II

  • Faster start up for Main, max ammo (From 7 to 8)
  • CSA charge time reduced (From 2 to 1.5 sec)
  • AC now last longer (From 13 to 15 sec)
  • Reduced occurance of missing the hit of CC8B melee under certain conditions

Gundam Kyrios

  • Increased tracking of BC, target cannot tech out of BC after getting hit
  • During Burst: Increased tracking of BC

    During MS Mode:
  • Added cancel route from A~AC
  • Reduced AB reload time (From 7 to 5 sec)
  • Easier to follow up after 4/6B hits

    During MA Mode:
  • Increased explosion radius for AB, increased damage (From 40 to 50), increased proration
  • Increased AC ammo (From 1 to 2)

Gundam Throne Eins

  • Increased red lock range
  • Increased Main ammo (From 6 to 7), added cancel route A~2B
  • AB projectile is now fatter, increased hitbox, added AB~AB cancel route
  • 4/6B now easier to follow up after it hits
  • Increased sweeping speed for Burst Attack’s gerobi
  • Increased sweeping speed for AC when BC is active

Gundam Throne Drei

  • Increased mobility
  • CSA projectile is now fatter, increased hitbox, increased damage (From 100 to 110)
  • Added AB~AB, AB~BC cancel route
  • Increased AC hitbox, added AC~BC, reload time reduce (From 6 to 5 sec)
  • Reduced boost consumption for 4/6BC
  • Increased tracking for all melee
  • Increased damage for 5BBB (from 159 to 166)
  • Increased tracking for 8B
  • Increased tracking, faster start up for 4/6B, increased damage for 4/6BB (From 116 to 120)
  • Increased damage for 2BB (From 128 to 132)
  • Increased tracking, faster start up for CC8B, increased damage for CC8B (From 75 to 80)


  • Added A~AC cancel route
  • Reduced reload time for AB (From 4.6 to 4 sec), added cancel route AB~AC
  • Reduced reload time for AC (from 7 to 6 sec)
  • Reduced charge time to maximum damage for the 2B during 5B~2B melee

Mack Knife (Mask’s unit)

  • HP increased (From 540 to 560)
  • Added cancel route A~AB
  • AB during MS form range increase
  • Increased inertia inheritance during MS form
  • Melee tracking increased during MA mode
  • Easier to follow up with attacks from BC Summon (Barara’s Mack Knife)
  • 8BC while Barara is out: damage up (From 86 to 102)
  • 8BC while Barara is out: tracking up

Gundam Gusion Rebake

  • Main damage up (From 65 to 70)
  • Sub reload down (From 6 to 5 sec)
  • Faster melee startup speed
  • Increased inertia carried when using BC
  • Decreased proration on the BC melee derivative (ora ora punch)
  • 2nd and 3rd hit of 5B combo damage increased (From 173 to 181)
  • 4B during normal mode tracking increased
  • 2nd hit of the 4B damage combo increased (From 120 to 124)
  • Aiming mode CSA charge time decreased (From 3 to 2.5 sec)

Psycho Zaku

  • AB to AC cancel route added
  • AB to BC cancel route added
  • AC explosion radius increased and hit detection buffed
  • AC to AB cancel route added
  • AC to BC cancel route added
  • 2B missile explosion radius increased and hit detection buffed
  • 2B to BC cancel route added
  • Enemy behavior changed after being hit by 5B~A melee
  • Reduced down value on 5B~A melee, and proration decreased
  • 5B~A melee explosion radius increased, and hit detection buffed
  • (5B~A)~BC cancel route added

Pale Rider

  • HP increased (From 620 to 640)
  • A~AB cancel route added
  • CSA will down on hit
  • AB: startup before movement begins decreased
  • AB~A: startup is faster and smoother
  • AB~A: Increased down value
  • Sub reload time decreased (From 9 to 7 sec)
  • AC projectile size increased, hit detection improved
  • AC projectile speed increased, travels further
  • 4/6B has a faster startup
  • Enemy cannot tech when hit by 2B in Normal mode
  • HADES reload time decreased (From 30 to 27 sec)
  • 2B during HADES has a faster attack tempo
  • 2B during HADES has a higher damage on the second hit (From 142 to 158)
  • Improved hit detection on 2B during HADES
  • During HADES, BC boost consumption decreased

Slave Wraith

  • Faster startup on CSA
  • CSA damage up (From 95 to 110)
  • CSA has increased down value
  • Faster startup on BC
  • BC carries more inertia before firing
  • BC has a bigger projectile size, larger explosion radius, and improved hit detection
  • BC reload time shortened (From 8 to 7 sec)
  • 4/6B has a faster startup

Hot Scramble

  • HP decreased (From 700 to 680)
  • CSA sweeping speed decreased
  • Sub reload time increased (from 6 to 7 sec)
  • 8/4/6AB damage decreased (From 83 to 74)
  • 8/4/6AB proration increased
  • 2AB beam speed down
  • 2AB beam range decreased
  • 8B tracking down, startup is slower
  • 8B damage down (From 90 to 80)
  • CC8B tracking down

X1 Full Cloth

  • HP decreased (From 680 to 640)
  • Slower startup on 5AC during Peacock Smasher power up
  • Harder to follow up on 4/6AB during Muramasa Blaster power up
  • During Muramasa Blaster power up, 4/6B has a slower startup and decreased tracking. Damage also down (From 217 to 206)



  • Ammo decreased (From 3 to 2)
  • Reduced tracking

Zaku II Doan’s unit

  • Reduced damage (From 178 to 139)
  • Reduced knockback distance

Hyaku Shiki

  • Reduced damage (From 121 to 109)
  • Tracking reduced
  • Ammo reduced (From 3>2)
  • Projectile size and hitbox reduced

Gold Sumo

  • Damage reduced (From 102 to 90)
  • Reduced muzzle correction
  • Reduce proration

Kimaris Trooper

  • Reduced damage (From 140 to 110)
  • Reduced tracking
  • Reduced ammo
  • Reduced vertical distance knock up


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where AGE-1 Titus’ *B~BC derivative will end up spinning non-stop like this.



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