Gundam Versus Patch 1.12

At last, some changes to the playable units and strikers! The v1.12 patch will be implemented on the Japanese servers on 13 March 2018, 1000hrs JST. No news on any upcoming March DLC however, the GVS twitter is extremely quiet.


Update Content:

  1. Addition menu while in Player Match rooms
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Text fixes
  4. Buff and nerfs to playable units
  5. Buff and nerfs to Strikers
  6. Fixes for bugs that occurs during matches


Addition while in Player Match rooms

You can now change your Battle Navigators, BGM, and access the Development tree page while inside a Player Room

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the win/loss percentage, number of uses and CP was not calculated and displayed properly if a certain unit was used too many times.

Text fixes

Fixed introduction text for GM sniper II (White Dingo) and Watts Stepney


Buff and nerfs to playable units


  • Added A~AC cancel route
  • CSA: Will now track the target until the target does a move that cuts tracking; Charge time -1 sec
  • All AB : Damage increased (93>111); Faster startup
  • 2AB: Increased projectile speed; Improved tracking



  • Mobility increased
  • AB: Damage increased (140>170); Reload time +1 sec; Decreased proration
  • AC: Faster startup; Faster projectile speed; Improved tracking; Increased recoil; Carries over more momentum; Max ammo increased from 1 to 2
  • BC: Changed the on-hit effect where BC will not instantly cause a Down when hitting a stunned target; Reload time -1 sec
  • CC8B: Improved tracking



  • Mobility reduced
  • All AC: Reload time +2 sec; Reduced duration
  • Directional AC: Reduced range; Reduced projectile speed
  • 4/6BC: Reduced distance travelled


Duel Gundam

During Assault Shroud:

  • CSA: Faster startup, damage increased (110>120)
  • 5AB: Projectile speed increased, tracking increased, and carries over more momentum
  • Directional AB: projectile speed increased
  • BC~B: Tracking increased

During Regular Mode:

  • 5AB: Projectile speed increased, tracking increased, damage increased (110>130)
  • 8B: Ttracking increased
  • 2B: Tracking increased, makes Duel Gundam rise higher during the attack animation, and consumes less boost
  • CC8B: Tracking increased, can cancel into 2B after first hit


Build Strike Gundam (Full Package)

  • Red Lock range increased
  • Increased mobility when Build Booster is attached to Build Strike
  • AB: Reload time decreased (-0.5sec), carries over more momentum
  • AC: Build Booster returns quicker
  • CSB: Build Booster returns quicker
  • BC~4/6B: Tracking increased
  • BC~B~A: Damage increased (160>184), increased recoil
  • 8B: Faster startup
  • 4/6B: Tracking increased
  • B~8B: Damage increased (189>206)
  • All Melee: Can cancel into BC from last hit


Gundam Gusion Rebake

  • Main: ammo increased (5>6)
  • AB: Reload time decreased (-1.5sec)
  • AC: Reload time decreased (-1sec)
  • CSA: Charge carries over when switching forms
  • Burst Attack: Reduced occurrences of last hit not connecting

Normal Mode:

  • Increased mobility
  • CSA: Faster startup , shooting barrier active frames increased
  • 8B: Now blocks against attacks from a wider angle

Shooting mode:

  • CSA: charge time reduced (-0.5sec)
  • AB: Cancel route to AC added
  • AC: Startup reduced

Gundam GP03

  • HP: Reduced (620>600)
  • A: Reload time increased (+1.5sec)
  • CSA: Projectile speed decreased, tracking decreased
  • AC: Damage decreased (235>221), reload time increased (+2sec)
  • 8B: Damage decreased (94>85)
  • 4B: Startup increased


Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai

  • 4/6AB: Startup increased, hitbox reduced, damage decreased (90>85)
  • CC8B: Tracking decreased
  • ABC Mantle: When active, mobility decreases



  • Zaku: Ammo down (3>2)
  • Banshee: Ammo down (3>2), hitbox reduced
  • Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai: Ammo down (3>2)
  • Crossbone Gundam X3: Ammo down (3>2), startup increased, projectile speed decreased, hitbox reduced, more difficult to follow-up if the enemy is hit by only one projectile


Other various fixes:

  • Duel Assault Shroud: Win pose camera angle fixed
  • Raider Gundam: Fixed bug where the atomic missile from his burst attack will completely dissappear
  • Zeydra: Win pose camera angle fixed
  • Farsia: Fixed the rare bug where Farsia stops moving
  • Slave Wraith: Fixed a rare bug where his shield glitches out during the win pose


Source: Gundam Versus official JP site

Cover picture from Gundam Wikia

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