Gundam Versus


Gundam Versus (GVS) is a PVP Action Game for the PS4. It’s a successor to the Gundam Extreme Versus (EXVS) series, which has been a runaway success in Japan for over 7 years.

In GVS, players take control of Mobile Suits from the popular Gundam franchise, and fight in full 3D arenas. What makes GVS unique is that unlike many other fighting games, there is a strong emphasis on not just melee attacks, but ranged attacks with beam rifles, bazookas, and other signature attacks from the Gundam series.

One of the key reasons EXVS is popular is that battles are fought 2v2, which requires players to exercise teamwork and communication to attain victory on the battlefield. It adds a whole new level of depth, and requires players to be extra aware of their surroundings when under fire from two separate enemies.

GGEZ is the largest English resource for GVS, including game mechanics, movelists for every Mobile Suit, and winning strategies. If you’re looking at taking your gameplay to the next level, you’ve come to the right place!