Hot Scramble Gundam

Model Number: BN-876β Pilot: Meijin Kawaguchi III
Cost: 500 Hp: 680 Transform: O Form Change: X

Remodeled by Meijin Kawaguchi III from the test Gunpla ‘Scramble Gundam’. The original Gunpla boasted high mobility, and after remodeling it gained new offensive options in its fin funnels. It is a suit that excels in all ranges.

Move Summary

MS Mode

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 8 75 Standard BR
Charged Main Buster Beam Rifle (Gerobi)
205 (Explosion 70-145) Gerobi that can be moved around, causes explosion upon impact with terrain
Sub Fin Funnel 3 50 Deploys 2 funnels to form a short wall which stuns
Fin Funnel Full Deployment 3 22-107 Deploys all remaining funnels, surrounds the targets and fires a thin gerobi from each funnel
Special Shooting Buster Beam Rifle (High Output) 2 130 Fires a fat BR. Fast projectile
Special Melee Buster Beam Rifle (Sweep) 125 Fires a gerobi beam with sweeping motion from right to left
Burst Attack Gunpla has no limits!! 320(B)/278(L) Long fancy combo that carries your target high into the air



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 170 Standard 3 hit
5B~ 8B 129 Bounces the opponent
8B 8B 80 Good priority and knocks upwards
4/6B 4/6BBB 167 Knocks target slightly backward
4/6B~8B 124 Bounces the opponent
2B 2B 70 Uppercut, Spinning down
2B~A 158 Deploys funnels for a Lockdown attack
CC8B CC8B 170 Jumps in an arc to melee, has shield properties


Cancel Routes:


MA Mode

[showhide type= “2”]

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Mega Launcher 2 130 Fires a big shot.
Sub Mega Launcher (Focused) 1 141 Fires a gerobi.
Special Shooting Mega Launcher (Rapid) 1 168 Rush towards the opponent while firing 3 shots.
Special Melee Quick Transformation Flies up and turn back to MS mode.



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5B 100 Cleave attack, Untechable 

Cancel Routes:




The Hot Scramble Gundam is a suit which has a lot of useful ranged weapons and is able to perform well as both a front or back row unit. This unit possesses great weapons such as the fin funnel full deployment (2AB), a free-aim gerobi while in MA mode and a CC8B melee which has shield properties, which allows the Hot Scramble Gundam to safely start up a melee combo. Despite having these awesome weapons, do note that the boost capacity for this unit isn’t fantastic when compared to the other 500 cost units. The speed of its landing is also slightly slower than other units that share its cost.

Even after being hit with a nerf in the version 1.04 update due to the fin funnel full deployment being overpowered (according to a large number of players), this unit is still playable at a competitive level. 



During MS Mode

[showhide type= “3”]

Ranged Weapon

Main: Beam Rifle
Standard BR. 

Charged Main: Buster Beam Rifle (Gerobi)
A gerobi that can be turned. Will cause an explosion upon impact with terrain. Best used when up in the air to trigger the explosion.

Sub: Fin Funnel/Fin Funnel Full Deployment
Hot Scramble has 6 funnels, every 1 ammo used from AB will deploy 2 funnels.

There are two types of input for the sub:
1)4/6AB: Deploys out 2 funnels to form a short wall. Stuns opponent upon hit. Input 4 or 6 to deploy funnels towards the corresponding direction. 
2)2AB: Deploys all remaining funnels. The funnels then surround opponent before firing a narrow gerobi. Take note that the sub only starts recharging when the funnels return to Hot Scramble.

Take note that if you do any of the following: (AC, CSA, BC, going into MA, ABC) while your funnels are deployed, the funnels will return instantly and ammo will not be refunded. On the flip side, since the sub will only start to reload when funnels return to Hot Scramble, you may wish to use AC or BC to instantly recall the funnels to speed up the reload time after landing a successful hit.

Special Shooting: Buster Beam Rifle (High Output)
Fires one big shot. Best to be used as a follow up after landing a hit with your BR. 

Special Melee: Buster Beam Rifle (Sweep)
Fires a gerobi with sweeping motion from right to left (direction cannot be changed) . The gerobi itself is very short, so landing a hit with this weapon will be difficult. Can be used as a last resort against an incoming melee attack.

Melee Set

5BBB: Slash>Horizontal>Slash
Standard 3 hit, but downs opponent, making it hard to follow up. Your only follow up would be to step into main.

5B~8B: Shield Smash
Bounces, therefore safe to use even when you overheat. Follow up by stepping into AC.

8B: Somersault kick
Single hit, kicks target upwards. Good priority, but the start up is not fast enough to use as a combo starter. Since it knocks the target upwards, you may want to end the combo by stepping into AC for more damage and a hard knockdown. 

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash>Uppercut>Roundhouse kick
Knocks target slightly backward. Front step immediately into AC for more damage, or just back step into BR (if you don’t want to waste AC ammo) to end the combo.

4/6B~8B: Shield Smash
Bounces, therefore safe to use when you overheat. Follow up by stepping into AC.

2B: Upswing
Knocks target upwards. It is not recommended to use this raw, so you should be linking into this from other melee moves. (or not using it at all)

2B~A: Upswing>Funnel attack
Deploys 4 funnels to fire beams consecutively, knocking the target higher and higher into the air.  Great for lockdown as the attack animation is long and ends in untechable down. Hot Scramble can BDC out once the Funnels are deployed.

Similar to 2AB, using AC, CSA, BC, going into MA, ABC will recall the funnels and end the attack prematurely.

CC8B: Jumping Stab> Cleave> Kick
Hot Scramble main melee go-to. The Jumping Stab portion has Shooting Guard, making it invulnerable to standard BR and other ranged attacks during the jump animation. At close range, this attack usually happens so fast that your opponent will find it difficult to react appropriately.  Nevertheless, once this attack moves on to the Cleave portion, the Shooting Guard will go down. If you jump into a gerobi during this portion, you will still get hit.

As with all Shooting Guards, there are limitations to what can be guarded:
Will block for a very short moment before getting hit: bazooka explosions, multi hit beams (gerobi, nukes), boomerangs
Cannot block: Turn A hammer, pressure, whips, Altron’s main.

Burst Attack

Gunpla has no limits!!
Super armor during the initial slash. Does a slashthrough, followed up by a slash and upswing, then fires Funnel Gerobis while drilling into the opponent in MA form before causing an explosion in the end. Good interrupt resistance starting from the upswing as the attack will carry both Hot Scramble and it’s target high into the air. Due the number of hits on this attack, it still does substantial damage even when linked into from other attacks.

During MA Mode

[showhide type= “4”]

Ranged Weapon

Main: Mega Launcher
Fires a big shot just like the MS form’s AC. Since they don’t share ammo, feel free to spam this.

Sub: Mega Launcher (Focused)
Fires a free-aim gerobi. It is recommended that you use this while in red lock. Move your directional pad around to aim the gerobi for a quick hit on your opponent. 

Special Shooting: Mega Launcher (Rapid)
Rush towards the opponent while firing 3 shots. Useful for closing in on an opponent who is not paying attention to you.

Special Melee: Quick Transformation
Flies up and transforms back to MS mode.

Melee Set

5B: Cleave
Immediately transforms back into MS Form for a cleave attack. This move has good reach and start up, which makes it good for surprise attacks.  


  • Use 2AB as bait to make the opponent waste their boost while you slowly move forward to punish the eventual landing.
  • While Hot Scramble specializes in ranged weaponry, it also has a good melee set. Since it has a CC8B that guards against ranged attacks, it would be best to start your melee with a CC8B whenever possible. 
  • As Hot Scramble, you suffer from no lack of ammo rotating between BR, CSA and AC, and various MA mode attacks.  So be sure to lay down enough suppressing fire when your partner is going in.
  • Practice your okizeme with CSA. It sweeps and causes an explosion on impact. You can even take it up a notch by triggering the explosion on buildings. Opt to CC8B~fuwa backwards to gain height, or MA-BC (if you’re far away) before firing the CSA.

Recommended Combos

(>> is Boost Dash Cancel, > is Step cancel, ~ is direct cancel)

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>(MA) A 180 Use this if you don’t have AC ammo for the standard A>>A>>AC
A>>2B~A>>AC 215
A>>(MA)A~(MA)AC 210 Save even more ammo, and move forward at the same time
5B>2B>AC 207 Fast combo, downs and knocks target far away
5BB>2B~A>>AC 246 Downs and knocks target high up into the air
8B>2B~A>>AC 240 Less reliable now that 8B is nerfed
4/6B~8B>2B~A>>AC 249
2B~A>>(MA)B>AC 270
CC8B>8B>AC 203 The usual quick down while launching high up
(MA)B>2B~A>AC 265
4/6BB>2B~A>>Burst Attack 357 Cool finish

Update Changelog:


  • The beam speed from funnels deployed using 2AB input has been decreased.
  • The damage dealt from the funnels using 2AB input has been decreased. (Damage from 125 ->107)


  • HP decreased (From 700 to 680)
  • CSA sweeping speed decreased
  • Sub reload time increased (from 6 to 7 sec)
  • 8/4/6AB damage decreased (From 83 to 74)
  • 8/4/6AB proration increased
  • 2AB beam speed down
  • 2AB beam range decreased
  • 8B tracking down, startup is slower
  • 8B damage down (From 90 to 80)
  • CC8B tracking down



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