Model Number:RGM-96X Pilot: Nigel Garrett
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X

A support unit developed to escort the Unicorn Gundam, due to the Unicorn’s time limited activation of the NT-D. As a result, the Jesta is capable of going toe-to-toe with enemy Newtype-only mobile suits. It can be equipped with various option parts to fit the given situation.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 4 70 Manual reload when zero ammo.

Able to fire two shots in a row.

Sub 2-tube Missile Launcher 1 135 Fires two shots.
Special Shooting Hand Grenade 1 141 Fires 6 grenades.
Special Melee Beam Saber Throw 1 49-148 Throws a beam saber and fires 2 shots.


Burst Attack Full Salvo 278(B)/257(L) Fires a full salvo with beam rifle and hand grenade.



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 170  
8B 8B 61  
4B 4BB 125  
2B 2BB 130  
CC8B CC8B 114 Stuns the opponent upon first hit.



Cancel Routes:

Last hit of any melee combo: BC



Jesta is considered to be an all rounder unit which is more shooting orientated, with a BR which can shoot twice in a row and have 2 types of missile weapon + a beam saber throw to use.  The mobility of this unit is considered decent even though all of the melee combo are slow and sluggish so its more suited to be played as a back role.

Overall, this is a good unit with decent range weapons for doing landing punishment and self defense.




Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
Manual reload when zero ammo. Able to fire two shots in a row.
Recommended to fire one BR at a time while engaging so that you can conserve ammo for later shots and  prevent stock of not sudden reload while doing zunda.
Good to use AB,AC and BC as follow up as well if you ran out of ammo at that timing.

Sub: 2-tube Missile Launcher
Fires two shots, the 1st shot flies in the straight line while the 2nd shot files at a higher arc. One missile hit deals around 75 damage. This weapon have improved after the update Ver1.06 as the projectile speed have been adjusted and its now easier for the 2nd shot to hit.

This weapon have good tracking so its recommended to use as a follow up after hitting BR shots.

Special Shooting: Hand Grenade
Fires 6 grenades. This weapon have become more reliable to use after the update Ver1.06 as the reload time for this weapon have decreased and the projectile speed and tracking have been increased for some of the inputs of this weapon.

Style of fire changes according to input:
1) 5AC: Fires 6 grenades towards the opponent.
2) 4/6AC: Fires 6 grenades from left and right in a horizontal line. Good to use as a counter measure when you noticing someone is attempting to close in to you at mid range.
3) 2/8AC: Fires 4 grenandes towards the opponent. Travel speed for this input is the fastest out of these 3 inputs so its best to use this input as a follow up after hitting BR shots.

Special Melee: Beam Saber Throw
Throws a beam saber and fires 2 shots. The beam saber will stun the opponent upon hit.
This weapon have become even better after the update ver1.06 as the 2 shots will continue to track the target even if you miss the beam saber throw and the down value for 1st and 2nd shot of the BR is decreased meaning they will deal more damage now. After than these buffs, the opponent will be downed after hitting with the 2nd shot of the BR meaning that the opponent won’t be able to get back up and punish you in the event of you not able to escape after using this weapon.

Able to link from the last hit of any melee combo to give high potential damage.

Melee Set

5BBB: Slash>Stab>Slash
Standard 3 hit combo with high damage.

8B: Stab
A normal stab causing multiple hits.

4BB: Horizontal slash>slash down
An average 2 hit combo with a rather low damage. Recommended to follow up with BC to deal decent damage.

2BB: Uppercut>Uppercut
A 2 hit combo which hits the opponent up to the air upon 2nd hit. Recommended to follow up with BC to deal decent damage. 

CC8B: Slash Through>Stab
A 2 hit combo which stuns the opponent upon 1st hit and does a stab with multiple hits. Recommended to follow up with BC to deal decent damage or hit with the 1st hit to stun the opponent and cancel out to do other melee combo.

Burst Attack

Full Salvo
[Fires a full salvo with beam rifle and hand grenade]
Firing a full salvo with BR and hand grenade while remain stationary. Recommended to use in mid range for better hitrate or use as a last resort against incoming melee.



  • Always take note of your main ammo when you are doing a zunda as it only has 4 ammo and is manual reload. Remember to use AB, AC and BC if you ran out of ammo to do zunda. 
  • Use the appropriate AC to catch moving opponents. 
  • Use BC at the end of each melee combo to deal decent damage.


Recommended Combos


Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 147  
A~AB 134  
A~2/8AC 126  
A~BC 136  
5BB>5BBB 213 Could input BC after last hit of melee combo to deal decent damage

Update Changelog:


  • Added A~BC
  • Adjusted AB projectile speed, now easier for the 2nd bullet to hit
  • Reload time for AC reduced (From 6 to 5 sec)
  • Increased projectile speed and tracking for 4/6AC
  • Increased projectile speed for 2/8 AC
  • BC’s beam rifle shots will now home onto the target even if the Beam Saber throw misses
  • Reduced down value for BC’s 1st and 2nd hit
  • BC’s 3rd hit will now down the target



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