Model Number:AMX-109 Pilot: Sochie Heim
Cost: 200 Hp: 460 Transform: X Form Change: X

A small-sized MS which makes up the main force of the Inglessa Militia. It has a unique round shape, and the ability to extend its arms and legs. If its arm-mounted Manipulator weapons get damaged, it can still attack using its Hand Guns and Missile Pods.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Hand Gun 120 126 Fires 10 shots in one go.
Charged Main Full Salvo 137 Fires machineguns and missiles.
Sub Missile 8 117 Fires 4 sets of 2 missiles.
Special Shooting Gundam Hammer (Thrust) 90 Destroys projectiles.
Burst Attack Full Salvo 243(B)/234(L)  



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 117  
8B 8B 70  
4B 4BB 100  
2B 2B 129 Melee Counter. Lands a scratching claw melee after successful melee counter.
CC8B CC8B 128  
BC BC 54-106 Blocks incoming ranged attacks. Can be sidestepped.



Cancel Routes:






Ranged Weapons

Main: Hand Gun
Fires 10 shots in one go. Staggers opponent after landing around 10 shots.

Charged Main: Full Salvo
Fires machineguns and missiles. Covers a wide horizontal line.

Sub: Missile
Fires 4 sets of 2 missiles. Takes 4 missiles to down opponent.

Special Shooting: Gundam Hammer (Thrust)
Destroys projectiles.

Melee Set

Burst Attack

Full Salvo



  • BC is a very good move against melee and incoming ranged attacks.
  • CSA is very useful for controlling horizontal space. Try dashing sideways a lot to make the enemy move in the same way, then unleash your CSA.
  • Best to fly up and use your main while you are facing the opponent. Better hitrate when you are above the opponent.(Pee on your opponent to show dominance)



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