Who Should I Kill Next, Orga..? Barbatos Lupus DLC Details

This week’s Famitsu includes details on Barbatos Lupus, coming to Gundam Versus as its first DLC character.

According to the scan, the 400-cost Barbatos Lupus comes with a wide array of melee weapons, including a Sword Mace, an Odachi, and even the Valkyrja Buster Sword he borrowed from the Helmwige Reincar. It also sports a few ranged attack options, and a special dash to close the distance.


Barbatos Lupus Movelist
Main 200mm Arm-mounted Cannon
Charged Main Anti-ship Lance Mace (throw)
Melee Sword Mace
Charged Melee Anti-ship Lance Mace (stab)
Sub 200mm Arm-mounted Cannons (multi-shot)
Special Shooting Giant Railgun
Special Melee Special Movement
Burst Attack Mace Combination Attack

Though the exact means have not been revealed, by playing Barbatos Lupus you can unlock Barbatos Lupus as a striker unit, the Tekkadan emblem, and the title ‘Memories of the Calamity War’.

Gundam Barbatos Lupus will be available as paid DLC on launch, but those who buy the Premium Sound G edition of Gundam Versus will get Barbatos Lupus for “free”. You can find out more about the different versions of Gundam Versus here.

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