Model Number:MSA-003 Pilot: Fa Yuiry
Cost: 200 Hp: 440 Transform: X Form Change: X

A suit developed by Anaheim Electronics to replace the Rick Dias’ role on the battlefield. It incorporates Gundarium Alloy into its build, greatly increasing the power of the Eath Federation’s mass production suits.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Beam Rifle 5 65
Vulcan 60 10 – 139 Shoots a maximum of 30 vulcan rounds.
Special Shooting
Dodai Shooting 1 ~ 144 Nemo slides sideways on the Dodai while firing 3 beam rifle shots.
Special Melee
Sealant Launcher 3  50 Enemy movement is slowed for 5 seconds upon hit.
Burst Attack Dodai Combo 272(B)/252(L) Melee combo. Nemo flies on a Dodai while doing melee attacks, extremely interrupt resistant.



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 129 Standard melee combo.
8B 8B 70 Nemo thrusts forward with the beam saber. Difficult to follow up.
4/6B 4/6BB 123
2B 2B 70 Nemo slashes upwards and launches enemy into the air
CC8B CC8B 127 Stuns on first hit

Cancel Routes:




A no-frills, low cost suit. Nemo isn’t particularly difficult to learn or even master. It features decent mobility, a wide array of straightforward ranged options and very basic melee combos. While some of its attacks feature the Dodai Kai sub-lifter, this suit is not a transformable suit and cannot ride the Dodai the same way the Hyaku-Shiki can.

However, the Nemo is rather slippery in its own right, and excels at hit and run attacks; using a combination of regular beam rifle and strafing shots to pepper the field with a constant hail of beam rifle shots.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
Standard beam rifle. While the tracking of the projectiles are reliable, it has below average damage (65) and a rather low ammo count. Players are advised to carefully pick their shots and make use of its cancel routes as much as possible to avoid running out of ammo. 

Sub: Vulcan
Shoots a maximum of 30 vulcan rounds with 10 damage per projectile. It takes 25 rounds to fully Down a target for 140 damage. Rounds follow head orientation, but as a result, never causes Vernier. Nothing particularly noteworthy, but while the rounds itself are tiny, the tracking for the Vulcan rounds are decent. Use this tool to apply pressure on fleeing enemies or on suits with very low HP. Cancellable to both AC and BC, so make use of these routes to Down any target that has been staggered by the shots.

Special Shooting: Dodai Shooting
Nemo slides sideways on the Dodai while firing 3 beam rifle shots. Tracking for all three shots are reliable and it has good muzzle correction. Also consumes very little boost.

This move fully Downs any target if all three shots hit, EXCEPT during Burst. Because of the volley of shots and the horizontal movement, this is a good defensive tool to use when being approached by an enemy. However, the AC can also be applied offensively as it is cancellable from nemo’s Main and the damage dealt for a full raw salvo (60 -> 106 ->144) is rather respectable.

Special Melee: Sealant Launcher
Nemo fires an extremely slow-moving projectile that slows down enemy movements for five seconds on hit. When used from a distance, it is difficult to connect even when cancelled from Nemo’s main due to the extremely SLOWWW nature of this projectile.

However, the speed debuff property of this tool will remain even after an enemy is Forced Down. Thus, this tool is best utilised on a Downed (but not yet Yellow-Lock) enemy after sidestepping in the middle of a melee combo or cancelled from Nemo’s Main at close ranges. It is also possible to fuwa forward after a 5BB melee chain before firing off this tool to score a guaranteed hit.

Melee Set

5BB: Vertical Slash > Vertical Slash 
Series of Vertical slashes that ends with the target launched into the air. 

4/6BB: Diagonal Slash > Diagonal Slash
Has better chasing properties compared to 5B but the damage is inferior and has a longer recovery time compared to 5B. 5B is generally better overall as 5B can be followed up with BC , and has better damage. Use 4/6b only as a combo starter.

8B: Beam Saber Thrust
Nemo performs a beam saber thrust. Has no Follow-up.

2B: Vertical Slash
Vertical slash that launches target into the air. No direct Follow-up asides from usage of a Striker.

Nemo does an issen slash that leaves the target stunned before finishing off with a vertical chop. Although the this is a two-stage attack, the transition to the second slash is rather lengthy and may leave you open to attack. 

Recommended to simply use the first stage of this attack for its stun property before cancelling into a different attack.


Burst Attack

Dodai Combo

Melee combo. Nemo flies on a Dodai while doing melee attack, very interrupt resistant



  • Be wary of your surroundings while using AC. AC travels a long distance horizontally but will put you in great danger if you run into a building. However, the distance travelled while on the Dodai is enough avoid most projectiles that about to hit you, barring those with insane curving.
  • Sealant Launcher is so slow that it’s best to use on a downed target close to you, so they will get the movement penalty upon wake up.
  • Don’t waste your BR while dueling. Use vulcans instead for a flinch then end it with a BR, or a high powered Striker like Doan’s Zaku.

Recommended Combos

(>> is Boost Dash Cancel, > is Step cancel, ~ is direct cancel)

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG  Notes
A~A~AB 129 Increased boost usage compared to a zunda but higher damage
5BB > 5BB 208 Basic melee combo, relatively high damage
5BB >> CC8B (first hit) > BC 195 Combo that ends with the Sealant Launcher



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