New Info and Screenshots Released For God and Master!

The official Gundam Versus account posted two tweets for the Mobile Suits used by the Kings of Heart, God Gundam and Master Gundam! In addition, we’ve been given simple descriptions on what kind of moves they have, including new moves not seen in previous Gundam Versus titles!


God Gundam

His Burst Attack is a series of quick and hard-hitting blows that finishes with his signature God Finger Heat End.

God’s 2B is a melee counter that will also block ranged projectiles. Press B during the counter for a unique melee follow-up.
This is most likely his AC~BBB combo, a series of three strikes to the enemy’s head. 
God Slash Typhoon. A 360 spinning attack that might even block ranged projectiles?
God Slash Shockwave. One of God’s ranged options that does not require ammo.


Master Gundam

Master’s BC is ‘Hundred Punches’. It chases towards your target while punching furiously, and does huge damage over the duration. You can also input 8B at the end for a Master Cloth slash-through follow-up for a quick escape.
Sekiha Tenkyouken. Has multiple charged levels, that increase the move’s damage and size.
One of Master’s signature attack, the Darkness Finger.
The Master Cloth is used like a whip to strike further than its fists can reach. 


Master and God Gundam will be made available as DLC in the second half of January. If you can’t wait any longer, try attaining a state of Meikyo Shisui to make the wait more bearable!

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