November DLC Confirmed! Atlas, Zeydra, Raider, Zaku I (Gerhart)

The official site finally posted the DLC for November! There will be two units released on 21 Nov and 28 Nov on the Japan server, for 602 yen (+tax) each.  They are:

Atlas Gundam from Gundam Thunderbolt (21 Nov)
Zeydra from Gundam AGE (21 Nov)
Raider Gundam from Gundam Seed (28 Nov)
Zaku I (Garret Scmitzer) from Gundam 0079 Zeonic Front (28 Nov)

Here’s each unit’s cost and move summary.

Atlas Gundam
Series: Gundam Thunderbolt (Season 2)
Cost: 400
Striker: Atlas Gundam

Command Armament
Main Large Railgun
Charged Main Large Railgun (Maximum output)
Melee Beam Saber
Sub Large Railgun (Strafing Shot)
Special Shooting Special Movement
 Special Melee Beam Saber Uppercut
Burst Attack Groovy Duel


Series: Gundam AGE (2nd Generation)
Striker: Zeydra, Zedas R, Zedas M, Khronos
Comes with extra BGM: “Gundam AGE ~Story of the 100 Years~”

Command Armament
Main Zeydra Gun
Charged Main Zeydra Gun (High Ouput)
Melee Beam Saber
Sub Beam Vulcan
Charged Melee (Unrevealed)
Special Shooting Beam Buster (Gerobi)
Special Melee X-Rounder Activation
Burst Attack True Comet Kick



Raider Gundam
Series: Gundam Seed

Cost: 300
Strikers: Raider, Forbidden, Calamity

Command Armament
Main Shield Cannon
Melee Mjolnir
Sub Zorn
Special Shooting Mjolnir
Special Melee Mjolnir (Rush)
Burst Attack Nuclear Missile


Zaku I (Gerhart Schmitzer)
Cost: 300
Series: Gundam 0079 Zeonic Front
Strikers: Zaku I (Gerhart Schmitzer), Zaku I, Gouf, Gouf Custom, Dom
Comes with extra BGM: “Fenrir”

Command Armament
Main 90mm Machine Gun
Melee Heat Hawk
Sub Raketen Bazooka
Special Shooting Smoke Bomb
Special Melee Heat Saber (Rush)
Burst Attack Fang of Fenrir


We’ll do a more indepth move analysis once the PVs are out, keep a look out for them!





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