Palaces are dungeons that you must clear to progress the game’s story. Each Palace is vastly different in design and puzzles, but they all have one thing in common— they are swarming with Shadows for you to defeat.

Palaces each have dates that you must clear them by, or you will see a bad ending and it’ll be Game Over for you. Given the spoiler-ish nature of the Palace names, I did not include them in the dropdown header, and I’ve put them in spoiler tags below. I’m so nice.

[spoiler name=”First Palace”]Kamoshida Palace[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Second Palace”]Madarame Palace[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Third Palace”]Kaneshiro Palace[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Fourth Palace”]Futaba Palace[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Fifth Palace”]Okumura Palace[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Sixth Palace”]Nijima Palace[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Seventh Palace”]Shidou Palace[/spoiler]

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