Patch 1.06 changes, Tiers, Old Men and Ninjas

Patch 1.06 recently rolled out right last week after the latest DLCs and with the the arrival of both updates came a whole range of changes (both buffs and nerfs) to the existing roster and to the meta. If you haven’t been kept up to date with the latest changes, do check it out here:

No doubt with every new update comes a whole slew of questions on everyone’s minds.

Which suits got affected the hardest? What’s “good” and what’s not?

Fret no more bois, the great lads at have updated the tier lists for the game and here they are!

500 Bracket

Over at the 500 side, we see little much has changed. While Hot Scramble and X1FC are no longer absurdly strong after the changes, they’re still strong suits. Qubeley’s also gone up the rankings so Haman fans, rejoice!


400 Bracket

Poor RX-78’s definitely seen better days though, guess the changes in the latest update have left our old boi here right in the dust.


200 Bracket

No major changes on the 200 front asides from the shifting a of majority of 200s to B tier. Poor Guntank tho. At least he’ll have Gundam for company!


300 Bracket

In the midst of this changes, one sneaky ninja rose up from relative obscurity to assert dominance over the rest of the 300s. It’s not particularly surprising though, strong mobility options and a very interrupt resistant BC makes AGE-1 Spallow a strong pick in this game.

That being said, while tier lists give an idea of what’s good and what’s not at the higher levels of competitive play, don’t let that stop you from playing your favorite suits. But if teleporting behind your enemies and being generally annoying is your cup of tea, then congratulations! This is your chance to shine! Do check out our AGE-1 guide ——>here<—— if being a ninja is your kind of thing!

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