Persona 5 Guide

Persona 5 is a game about balancing your time between fighting dangerous monsters in dangerous labyrinths, and dating cuties in Tokyo.

You are given a set number of days to see as much of the in-game content as you can, and the key to getting the most out of your playthrough comes down to being as effective in battle as possible, raising your parameters quickly, and raising your Confidant Ranks as fast as you can.

We have set this guide up to help you, the player, do just that. It was never our intention to do guides that teach you how to get 100% completion on each walkthrough- those tend to be very rigid. Instead, if you want to know this game’s inner secrets while also having more freedom in your choices, this is the guide for you!

We’ll be updating the guide as quick as we can, so bear with us!

Confidants Personas  Palaces
The Velvet Room


Skills Other. Guides
Physical  Parameters
Magic Quiz/ Exam Answers
Recovery Fusion Tips
Support Power Levelling Guide
Ailment Ultimate Equipment
Passive Spots
The Dark Net
Best Confidant Abilities
New Game +
Part-Time Jobs
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