It’s weird for me to write an intro paragraph for Personas, in a game where the word ‘Persona’ is literally in the title.

Well, basically, you use Personas to fight and stuff. Naturally, the stronger your Personas, the stronger you are in battle.

What makes the game’s MC special (as special as every other Persona MC, anyway) is that he can use multiple Personas, allowing for more versatility in battle. You can play multiple roles in a team— the healer, the physical DPS, or the mage. Ideally, you want to be all three.

A lot of new mechanics have been introduced in P5 to make acquiring Personas more fun, so even if you’re a returning fan of the series, be sure to read up on what’s new.

  • The Persona 5 Compendium– A list of every Persona in the game, complete with pictures.
  • The Velvet Room– How to murder your Personas for greater power
  • Fusion Guide- A Beginner’s guide to fusing smart. Sharpen that Guillotine!


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