Phantom Gundam

Model Number:EMS-TC02 Pilot: Font Baud
Cost: 400 Hp: 620 Transform: O Form Change: △ (Phantom Light)

One of the “Thousand Custom” prototype unit that is designed to have the capability to go against a thousand enemies at once. It is equipped with an incomplete Minovsky Drive, and is able to enter a cruising mode (Mirage Oiseau), although this function has been intentionally sealed away.


Move Summary

MS Form

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Butterfly Buster B  7 70 Standard BR.
Charge Main Flame Sword (Throw)  – 50 Stuns. Long startup, weak guidance, and low damage.
Sub Peacock (Smasher Mode)  2  50~150 Horizontal wide spread shot with 13 beams.
Special Shooting Quick Transformation  –  – Transform to MA.
Special Melee Phantom Light Activation  200  – Enters Phantom Light.
While Phantom Light is active:
Special Melee
I-Field Storm (Full Power) 
Blocks incoming ranged attacks with a big I-field. 
During I-Field Storm:
Main Butterfly Buster-B Ammo Shared with Main 130 Jumps and fires a single high damage BR.
Melee Phantom Grab  122 Dashes forward with an I-Field shooting barrier on the fist, grabbing and headbutting the enemy.
Burst Attack Heat Radiation Face Open –  Enters Phantom Light, power down after this runs out.



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BBB 176  Standard 3 hit
8B  8B 146 Grapple
4B 4BBB 173
2B 2B 75 Slashthrough, stuns
CC8B CC8B 167 Bounces
While Phantom Light is active:
5B 5B~BC 211 Flame sword slash, forced down.
5BB~BC 240
4B 4B~BC 216 Flame sword slash, forced down.
4BB~BC 240
CC8B CC8B~BB 242 Bust out the flaming sword for a high damage, multi-hit combo.
While Heat Radiation Face Open is active::
CC8B cc8B~BBBB 294 More hits, more dmage

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, 2B, AC, BC

Any B hit except the final hit of the melee string: 2B

Additional routes during Phantom Light:

A: BC (I-Field Storm)
BC: A, B
5B(B), 4/6b(B): BC

MA Form

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Butterfly Buster B  1 100 Transforms to MS and fires a fat BR, stuns.
Sub Peacock (Smasher Mode) Ammo shared with MS Mode 50~150 Transforms to MS and fires Sub.
Special Shooting Vaulting Shot 1 58~144 Barrel roll sideways and fires 3 BR.
Special Melee I-Field Storm (Full Power)  –  – Big I-Field. Only in Phantom Light.
During I-Field Storm: 
Main Butterfly Buster-B Ammo Shared with MS Mode
130 Jumps  and fires a single high damage BR.
Melee Phantom Grab 122 Dashes forward with an I-Field shooting barrier on the fist, grabbing and headbutting the enemy.


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5B 120  Tackle, multi-hit.



The Phantom Gundam is a lie- it’s not at all silent or mysterious, and doesn’t respond to the first name ‘Danny’. Instead, it is extremely flashy, and a suit you will definitely feel good winning with.

Phantom is an all-purpose Gundam that does well at all ranges, but is truly terrifying in the close range thanks to its timed power-up, Phantom Light. It plays well as both a front and a back support unit, and has the flexibility to move in and out of the front line when necessary.

There’s not much I can say about its melee and damage potential other than ‘overwhelming’, so instead I would like to point out that Phantom has good acrobatic and movement options in its MA form, and good pressure and punish options from a long range.

While many players may feel tempted to go full-on Dynasty Warrior and slash their way to victory, a patient playstyle that maximizes the amount of time you spend in Phantom Light will yield a higher winrate. Phantom has an answer for almost every situation, so learn all your options and pick your battles wisely, and you’ll find yourself serving as an honorary guide for your enemies’ journey into the afterlife.



During  MS Mode

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Ranged Weapons

Main: Butterfly Buster B
Standard Beam Rifle, with a high ammo count (7) for a melee-centric suit. You can cancel into everything you would like to from this.

Charged Main: Flame Sword (Throw)
While this move has a highly valuable stun effect, it has a long startup, and weak damage and tracking. This makes it difficult to use, but is an option when ammo is scarce.

Sub: Peacock (Smasher Mode)
Fires 13 beams in a wide horizontal fan. This move is great for hitting units that are moving horizontally. You can chain this sub into itself to fire a total of 26 shots, but you will have to live with the long cooldown time afterwards. Perhaps this cancel route would be best used before activating Burst for an ammo reload?

This move only gets better the further away you fire it from, as the beams continue to fan out and provide an even bigger hit zone. This move is best used from the ground on enemies dashing horizontally, and can also be used to catch enemies sticking too close together.

Special Shooting: Quick Transformation
Spread your legs and turn into a jet.  Input the following directions to transform into that direction:
2/5: Flies forward
7/9: Diagonally forward
4/6: Flies to the side

Using this move effectively is the difference between a good Phantom and a great Phantom. While this move does not cut tracking, it costs little boost to execute, and moves you pretty fast. The most important part is that you can cancel it into any of Phantom’s MA mode moves, such as its one-shot stun main, or its barrel roll. This means you can do stuff like [A~AC~(MA mode AC)~boost dive]. Note that the timing on the cancel from MA mode into any of your MA mode moves is pretty strict, and if you miss the timing you will not be able to use any move for the next two seconds. Practice the cancel route and get the timing down, and bewilder the enemy with your acrobatics.

Special Melee: Phantom Light Activation
The Phantom Gundam’s signature move. Set yourself and your sword ablaze, giving you greater movement speed and a full body I-Field during the activation period. You also gain several new moves. Phantom Light is active for 15 seconds, and takes 25 seconds to reload. There is no cooldown.

Once activated, a countdown timer will appear, and once the timer counts down to 0 this mode will deactivate. Much like Nu Gundam’s barrier, any hits absorbed will cause the countdown timer to decrease quicker, giving you less time in this powered-up form.

Also of important note is that getting hit by a gerobi or any explosive round like a bazooka or missile will cause you damage, and worse, instantly disengage the Phantom Light mode.

While Phantom Light is active, there are 3 types of weapon to use:

1) I-Field Storm (Full Power)
Say no to damage with this gigantic I-Field barrier that blocks all frontal attacks. You might ask, why would a suit with full-body beam invincibility still need to guard? There are two main reasons: 1, successfully guarding attacks in this state will not consume your Phantom Light gauge, and 2, there are two derivatives that can be used from this mode.

2) I-Field Storm Butterfly Buster-B
Shooting derivative during the I-Field Storm. Depending on your left, right or neutral input, you will jump diagonally in either direction, or jump backwards and fire a single high damage BR shot. This shot consumes ammo from your main, and instantly downs the enemy.

3) I-Field Storm Phantom Grab
Dashes toward an enemy, with an I-Field effect applied on the fist. Upon making contact, Phantom will grab the enemy and headbutt it, causing it to bounce off the ground.

Burst Attack

Heat Radiation Face Open
[Enter Phantom Light but with a countdown timer starting at 300 instead of the regular 200]
This mode lasts about 2 seconds longer than the usual Phantom Light.  During this mode, the Phantom’s face opens and the flame effects are even larger. One key difference between the burst Phantom Light and the vanilla one is that your CC8B melee is even more powerful during the burst version.

After this effect ends, Phantom will enter a cooldown state where the unit’s performance will be decreased slightly, and the Phantom Light ammo will be swapped to the cooldown ammo. Cooldown lasts 12 seconds, only after which Phantom Light will start recharging normally from 0 ammo, making it a total of 37 seconds before you get to use your next Phantom Light. There is also a visual effect showing your suit’s weakened state (white smoke coming from your suit), so enemies will be aware you are weaker. Unlike usual Burst timed power ups, using Heat Radiation Face Open will cause your Phantom Light to reload from 0 ammo after the effect ends.

Use this mode with caution! Or just use it knowing you will most likely get killed while in the mode and aim for as much damage as you can before dying. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Butterfly Blaster Saber Slash
The usual 3 hit slash, last hit is a multi-hit, making follow up damage a bit less than 4/6B. Can be cancelled into 2B, or BC during Phantom Light.

8B: Stab> Knock up
Phantom plunges his mighty weapon into the enemy, and demonstrates his strong pull-out game. However, it turns out hes not very good at pulling out, because the enemy gets knocked up at the end of the animation. Fuwa to the left or back into main to follow up. Overall, a good high speed stab attack that will out-prioritize most enemy 4B melee attacks. Be warned that if you cancel out during the pull out animation, you will not be able to follow-up on this attack unless you are airborne.

4/6BBB: Horizontal slash
Another standard 3-hit combo, but unlike 5B the last hit is a single hit. A very good 4B melee attack with high priority and speed. Like 5B, this can be cancelled into 2B or BC during Phantom Light.

2B: Slashthrough
Light stun. Very good reach and travel distance, so use it to dodge attacks or when you need a quick rainbow step. Can be cancelled into from your main, which is a good option in close range shooting dogfights.

Having said that, during Phantom Light your go-to sequence should be A>CC8B, which goes further and has higher priority than 2B. 

CC8B: Uplash> Overhead slash
Bounces on last hit. Even outside of Phantom Light, CC8B is a legit option and strong overall tool. 

During Phantom Light/Heat Radiation Face Open

CC8B: Uplash> Overhead slash> Twin Flame Slash
Your dashing melee changes during the Phantom Light activation. Phantom charges at the enemy with its flaming sword, unleashing a high damage combo. The dashing speed and reach of the first hit is much much better than the usual one, to the point that it looks and feels like it won’t hit but will still hit anyway. 

Furthermore, under the effects of the Heat Radiation Face Open, you will do an additional finisher at the end of the combo, leading to 300 damage or more.

This move has a big sideway hitbox, and in addition to the I-Field generated through the Phantom Light, this attack is a deadly addition to your arsenal. Just be careful about the long combo time and overly flashy animation that will draw attention to you.

5B(B), 4/6b(B)~BC: Flame Sword Uppercut
Only use this when you want a quick Forced Down. This BC derivative damage itself is only good if you finish the entire string, so don’t cancel out of the first hit. 

During MA Mode

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Ranged Weapons

Main: Butterfly Buster B
Transforms back into an MS and fires a thicc beam rifle shot that stuns the enemy. Because you are cruising and more difficult to hit during MA mode, flying around and waiting for the opportunity to land this shot is an option when playing the neutral game.

Sub: Peacock (Smasher Mode)
Transforms back into a MS and rock out with your Peacock out. Aside from the transformation, this move is the same as your regular sub.

Special Shooting: Vaulting Shot
Barrel roll horizontally while firing three beam rifle shots. Input 4/6 to barrel roll to the left or right. The tracking on the following two shots is somewhat poor, so be careful about using this move in close range where the follow-up shots have a tendency to miss. Boost diving after this move is highly recommended, and is a pretty safe way to land. 

Special Melee: Phantom Light / I-Field Storm (Full Power)
Transforms back to MS and activates Phantom Light. If Phantom Light is already active, transforms back to MS and executes I-Field Storm. The two derivatives available during I-Field Storm is the same as those from the MS. 

Melee Set

Melee: Rush Attack
Dashes forward and hits the enemy multiple times until they are downed. Quick startup and pretty wide hitbox, because of the spread legs.



  • The name of the game is extending the amount of time you get to spend with Phantom Light activated. This means preserving your HP, and avoiding damage as far as possible. This playstyle is similar to Banshee’s- staying out of danger and playing a safe neutral game until your timed power-up is available, going on the offensive when powered-up, and pulling out when the timer ends.
  • Playing this style means taking less damage, which means more time for Phantom Light to recharge and be used again. Dying completely resets your Phantom Light charge to zero, so even though Phantom Light encourages you to go in hard and do big damage, patient play and smart resource management is the winning low risk, high reward strategy.
  • In the front role, avoiding damage takes precedence over dealing damage at the start of the match. The idea is to ensure that you have as much HP preserved the moment your PL activates to take advantage of it. If you are being aggressively locked, I-Field Storm and its derivatives are better options than charging at the enemy with CC8B. CC8B isn’t the only benefit of Phantom Light- just taking advantage of the full-body I-Field, movement speed boost, and that you present a stronger threat provide enough of a tactical advantage.
  • In the back role, staying safe while punishing landings is relatively easy. Again, aim to preserve your HP until PL activates, and then look for punish opportunities. However, remember not to get too greedy and take too much damage. The idea is to move in and out constantly, retreating the moment the enemy engages you. If your partner dies and your HP is still in the 400+ range, you will then have more freedom to engage the enemy slightly more aggressively. Be patient, and the chance to go postal on their asses will come!
  • When playing the neutral game, options like your main, sub, AC, and all your MA mode moves make for strong options. AC and the Barrel Roll in MA mode are good moves to keep you in motion, so use those if you find yourself being locked down aggressively.
  • Work closely with your teammate and inform him when you’re going in with PL.
  • While doing the CC8B melee combo, always remember to change your current target to the opponent’s partner so that you can see incoming fire hence reducing risk of getting punishments.
  • The usual suspects make up the list of best assists for Phantom. Gold Sumo is a strong defensive/okizeme tool, Guntank and X3 help provide an extra range cancel option, and gerobi assists like Kshatriya help as both damage and zoning tools. Kimaris Trooper is also good against inattentive opponents, or for forcing the enemy to spend boost to avoid it.


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