PV and Move Summary for Pixie, Farsia

Gundam Pixie

Cost: 300 Pilot: Fred Reber
Release date:  30 Jan 2018

Bonus BGM:
-Blitzkrieg (youtube)
-Exceed a Limit (youtube)


Command Weapon
Main Beam Dagger (Throw)
Melee Beam Dagger
Sub 90mm Machinegun
Special Shooting Special Movement
Special Melee Beam Dagger (Stab)
Burst Attack Beam Dagger Combo

The PV shows the Pixie performing the jump after his Main multiple times, and able to jump in different directions. His Special Movement is also a fast dash towards the target with Shooting Guard, blocking the machine gun shots. Pixie looks like a unit who for a quick melee combo on a successful hit with his Beam Dagger (Throw) which stuns, or rush towards unsuspecting enemies. Finally, this Burst Attack is a very long string of melee attack which ends with a cool pose.



Cost: 300        Pilot: Yurin L’Ciel
Release date: 30 Jan 2018

Bonus BGM:
– The 100-Year Story (youtube)

Command Weapon
Main (Chargable) Beam Vulcan (Chargeable)
Melee Beam Saber
Sub Beam Vulcan (Focused)
Special Shooting Farsia Bit
Special Melee Zedas Rush /Gerobi
Burst Attack Zedas Combo & Farsia Bit Gerobi




Farsia is a unit with permanent assist, the Zedas (the black unit following her) , who will automatically attack when Farsia fires her main, or when commanded via Special Melee. Farsia also has Farsia Bits for all-range attacks, Beam Shotgun as her charged main, and a unique sideways spin if you input Special Melee after an attack. A back line support suit, Farsia can protect herself with her wide arsenal of moves while laying down suppressing fire from both herself and Zedas.


Pixie and Farsia will be in the last batch of the January DLC on 30 Jan.

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