PVs For Aegis and GM Sniper II Are UP!

Less than a week before Aegis Gundam and GM Sniper II (White Dingo Custom) launch, Bandai Namco has released two trailers showing off what these Mobile Suits are capable of!

Aegis Gundam

Aegis is back after a 10 year absence from Gundam Versus games. An all-rounder type, Aegis specializes in speedy attacks in and out of its Mobile Armor mode, while also being capable of putting out big damage with its Scylla Energy Cannon.

Its Main is a standard Beam Rifle, and its Sub allows it to throw its shield for a sure-kill on any pesky Skygraspers. Its Charged Main forces a transformation into its Mobile Armor mode, and fires the Scylla Energy Cannon. The Special Shooting attack fires the Scylla gerobi attack will also be performed in the Mobile Armor mode, and you can continue to stay in Mobile Armor after both the Charged Main and the Special Shooting attack (Source)

The PV also dedicates a good amount of time to showing Aegis’ melee capabilities, which seem extremely quick and powerful. You can combo freely into the Mobile Armor form claw grab, and finish with a powerful shot from your Scylla Energy Cannon.

Last and most importantly, Aegis’ signature self destruct move is back. It’s a nice touch that the Phase Shift armor dissipates right before the explosion, but it would have been cooler if you could watch a tiny Athrun flying away!

Overall, Aegis looks like a dangerous 300 Cost suit in the close-mid range. We are definitely looking forward to self destructing on enemies online!

GM Sniper II (White Dingo Custom)

As its name suggests, GM Sniper II is built for long-range combat. Your main is a sniping-type rifle, much like G-Arcane’s sub. Regardless of how far away your target is, the time it takes for your main to hit is a constant. You can also input a direction while firing your rifle, in order to slide left or right before firing.

GM Sniper II’s Sub is a standard bazooka. Its Special Shooting appears to be a thin gerobi, much like Dynames’ in its shielded form. The muzzle correction shown in the video seems really good, so it should be a good move for self defense in close-range, and catching opponent landings.

GM Sniper II’s Special Melee activates its sensor eye. It increases the red lock range, and improves the capabilities of the Main and the Special Shooting attacks. However, this buff will be removed once GM Sniper II gets hit, and the buff will need to recharge again. (Source)

Lastly, its Burst Attack is a high damage gerobi that can be moved. The PV shows a sideway sweep of almost 90 degrees, so you should be able to land some easy hits on unsuspecting opponents.

For a 200-cost, GM Sniper seems to have very good weaponry, but low HP. Will a glass cannon find success in GVS? Only time will tell!

Both suits will be available on the 12th of December, for the price of 602 yen + tax. Give them a shot if you’re interested!

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