PVs Released for Age-2 and Mudrock DLCs!

Age-2 Gundam and Mudrock Gundam will be released as DLC in Japan on the 5th of December, and PVs have been released to give us a taste of what these bad boys can do!

Age-2 Gundam

Age-2 is mostly similar to its EXVSMBON counterpart, but with a couple of new tricks. A true all-rounder, Age-2 has two forms that it can switch between freely, as well as the ability to transform into a plane while in both forms. That’s a total of 4 forms, if you think about it!

Age-2 Normal does not pack high firepower, but is great at pressuring the enemy with its Hyper DODS Rifle, which can be charged for a quick one-shot down. Its new move allows it to cartwheel while firing the Hyper DODS Rifle, a move that allows it to attack and evade all at once.

In its MA mode, Age-2 Normal can fire its machine guns freely, which could be useful for covering a wide area in suppressive fire.

Age-2 Double Bullet trades speed and maneuverability for power. Its new wing binders can be used to fire high power beams, or slash enemies in a large AOE. Double Bullet’s new move is a horizontal beam sweep like Gold Sumo’s I-Field Bunker, which stuns the enemy. It can also be swept from the left or right, depending on the directional input. (Source)


Mudrock Gundam

Mudrock is a completely new addition. Based on the original Rx78-2, it was designed to carry both beam and physical weaponry into combat. The unique thing about Mudrock is that it takes reduced damage from frontal attacks, but increased damage from attacks coming from its back. (Source)

Its sub weapon is a grenade launcher, which can be rapid-fired up to four times in one go. Its special shooting fires the two cannons on its back, for what looks like pretty good damage.

Perhaps of most interest is its special melee, which puts the Madrock into a pseudo Mobile-Armor state where it constantly moves forward, and has to be steered left and right. You can fire your shoulder cannons in this form (at no cost to your special shooting ammo), and you will have super armor during the duration (Source, you can see him take a direct hit at 0:33 and not flinch).

These are just some of the moves showcases for both suits in their respective PVs. If they catch your interest, be sure to purchase them as soon as they’re out!




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