PVs Released for DLC Round 2 Suits, Pale Rider and Baund Doc


Hot on the heels of today’s G-self Perfect Pack DLC release, 2 new PVs have been released for the Pale Rider and Baund Doc, showing off what they can do in combat.


Pale Rider


The Pale Rider (Ground Type) is a 400 cost mobile suit with various armaments designed for use in Earth’s atmosphere. The PV shows that it is no slouch in close-mid ranged combat, with tools like its leg-equipped missile pods that fire a fan of missiles in front of you. Its charge shot (hyper bazooka) also allows you to deal a powerful one-shot to the enemy.

Its sub weapon moves you horizontally, firing the giant gatling and finishing with a shot from a beam rifle. Pale Rider’s signature move is the HADES activation, which seems to greatly increase your movement speed, and powers up your melee attacks.

Pale Rider unlockables include the title HADES, and the Pale Rider striker.


Baund Doc

Is there any relation between Baund Doc having rabbit ears, and Bugs Bunny’s signature line being “What’s up, doc?” we’ll never know. But one thing is for certain, this 400-cost Mobile Suit is a terrifying mix of space control and melee superiority.

Baund Doc has limited beam rifle ammo, but both his sub and special shooting hit at a wide angle, especially his special shooting, which many consider impossible to escape at the right range. In addition, the suit has tricky movements thanks to its ability to switch freely between its mobile suit and mobile armor forms.

Its burst attack is a slam dunk, which I can only imagine is once again a reference to Bugs Bunny in the movie, Space Jam.

The unlockables for Baund Doc include an alternate pilot (Rosamia Badam), the title [For Newtype Use], and the Baund Doc striker.

Both suits will be available for download on the 24th of August (Thursday), and will cost 602 yen + tax.

The next set of DLC will be released a week later on the 31st of August, and will star the Perfect Strike Gundam, and Gundam Gusion Rebake.


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