PVs Released for Alvaaron and Buster Gundam!

Hi guy! It looks like we finally have the PV for Alvaaron and Buster Gundam posted in Twitter!

For Alvaaron, it looks like it has some sweet ranged weapons which includes a huge georbi using CSA and GN Field that will block incoming attacks for a set period of time which is almost similiar to Gundam Virtue’s GN Field. This tweet also Alvaaron can also turn into MA Form (Alvatore Form) which uses a seperate healthbar of 350 HP. Alvatore ends when this 350 HP ends, or if Alvatore runs out of boost. Alvatore will consume more boost the higher it is above ground level. Like ReGZ, Alvatore will automatically move forward, and will only consume boost if you do certain actions. In the video, Alvatore consumed a large amount of boost when activating GN Field, and also used some boost when using attacks.

As mentioned in the previous post about the Alvarron and Buster Gundam, the Buster Gundam’s loadout will be exactly the same as its MBON counterpart. It’s gameplay will be almost similar as well, using various of it’s ranged weapons to snipe the enemy down while supporting it’s partner.

The release date for both of these suits will be on 17th October for the Japanese server, so buckle up and get ready to have some actions with the newly added Alvaaron and Buster Gundam. GRUUUUUUUEATO!

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