Quick EXP grinding method

So you picked your best girl (or best man), and a fancy emblem from the list of navigators and emblem, and can’t wait to use them in battle. Or a Striker that you want to use to help you in battle? Look for it from the Shooting and Fighting Strikers page.

Here’s a method to grind them out very quickly.

You only need to get any one of the listed units to level 15 to unlock the navigator. For example, if you want Nena Trinity, just get either Throne Eins, Zwei, or Drei to level 15.

Hop over to Trial Battle, and start on Trial Battle 1. Our target is Trial stage 1-3

As you can see, the target enemy is the Gaw attack carrier
Defeat the Char Zaku and the 2 Zaku II which spawns at the start
Afterwhich, the Gaw spawns along with 2 other Zaku II
Set your AI partner to “Avoid” (回避) to prevent mishaps. It’s the last one on the AI command.
Here’s the key part- Keep killing the Zaku II which will keep respawning. Ignore the Gaw.
Continue your killing spree until the time is up.
Which makes you fail the mission
But you still gain EXP despite losing. Here, I destroyed 56 Zaku II, and I got 102090 EXP.
When prompted, choose the first option to retry the stage. Repeat until level 15!
Once done, head over to Development Tree
Select the level 15 unit
and unlock your navigator!
Set your navigator here
And we’re done!
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