Model Number:MSN-04 Pilot: Char Aznable
Cost: 500 Hp: 680 Transform: X Form Change: X

Char Aznable’s personal suit, and a herald of Neo Zeon. Bearing the mark of the faction’s commander, the suit was designed to be symbolically steadfast in its defense. Sazabi may be a defensive heavyweight, but it is certainly no slouch in the mobility department either.



Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Shot-Rifle 8 75 A cost effective beam rifle.
Charged Main Beam Shot-Rifle (Spread)  – 20~110 Fires a wide area spread shot.
Sub Funnel 6  27 Able to deploy all funnels in a row.
Special Shooting

Mega Particle Cannon (Gerobi)

239 AC:Fires a large gerobi. Decent startup and tracking.
Mega Particle Cannon (Spread) 20~110 4/6AC:Fires a wide area spread shot with the Mega Particle Cannon. Good tracking.
Special Melee Funnel: Full Deployment  1 20~114  Deploys all funnels to surround the target.
2B Beam Tomahawk Throw 80 Stuns on hit.
Burst Attack Axis Drop 339(B)/327(L) Axis is dropped and causes a large radius explosion.


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 182 3 slash attack that bounces the target.
5B>BC 213 Sazabi slashes once and then does a 7 slash combo attack.
5BB>BC 242 Sazabi slashes once and then does a 7 slash combo attack.
8B 8B 85 Sazabi does a Char Kick™.
4/6B 4/6BB 121
Sazabi punches the target and kicks it upwards.
4/6B>8B  164 Fires missiles into the opponent after an initial punch.
4/6B>BC 208 Sazabi punches the target and then does a 7 slash combo attack.
CC8B CC8BB 176 Sazabi slashes the target multiple times while darting around it.
CC8B>BC 210 Sazabi slashes once and then does a 7 slash combo attack.
CC8BB>BC 238 Sazabi slashes twice and then does a 7 slash combo attack.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, 4/6 AC, BC, 2B

8B: 2B


Bulky, menacing and red, Sazabi is the 500 cost’s toolbox of offensive pressure. Each of the weapons in Sazabi’s loadout serves as a different method of landing a hit on your enemies. For standard chasing pressure, Sazabi is equipped with both a beam rifle and a 2B tomahawk throw that stuns on hit.

Sazabi’s sub can be used in a multitude of ways. Aside from throwing it out in neutral, you can use it to punish enemies that like to guard against beam rifle pressure, opening them up to attacks afterwards. The sub can also be used as a counter against aggressive melee suits. Sending out the funnels just before an enemy melees you may potentially interrupt the combo if the opponent does not sidestep or down Sazabi in time, allowing for an easy punish.

However, the most versatile tools in its loadout would have to be Sazabi’s two special shooting attacks. They grant Sazabi the ability to catch moving opponents or to deal big damage should an opportunity arise. Knowing when to use which one is crucial though, as they share the same 1 ammo and an unforgiving reload time.

To top it all off, we have Sazabi’s special melee move. As if it didn’t already have enough pressure tools, the full deployment of Sazabi’s funnels adds on to its plethora of ways to hit your enemies. This move is best used in the middle of your opponent’s boost, where what would originally be a safe landing for them suddenly becomes a coin toss. With good timing, this move can be used to punish landings even from green lock. As with the rest of his weapons, timing is critical with this move as the funnels return to Sazabi after a short period of time even if you do not fire them.

However, Sazabi is not without its flaws. While it has many attacking options, Sazabi’s mediocre boost does not allow you to keep up the offensive pressure for very long, making timing a crucial element in your game plan. A single ammo on both the special shooting and special melee moves also means that if you miss the hit on either of those attacks, you will be locked out of those options for a good amount of time. Sazabi also cannot use its sub when its special melee is active and any active subs will be cancelled upon activation of the special melee. Finally, Sazabi is a suit that unable to fully capitalize on its Burst. While it does get the standard increase in movement or boost capacity, a lackluster Burst Attack and no other new attacking options means that Sazabi’s Burst does not have much comeback potential outside of landing a huge melee combo.

Overall, Sazabi is a suit that rewards good timing and boost management with its impressive offensive pressure. However, players that lack either may struggle to find success with it due to its weaknesses. Nonetheless, Sazabi is a decent pick for those who want to seize control of the neutral game.


Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Shot-Rifle
A cost effective beam rifle.

Charged Main: Beam Shot-Rifle (Spread)
Fires a wide area spread shot. Knocks down if all pellets connect.

Sub: Funnel
Deploys a funnel. Hold down A to send more.

Special Shooting: Mega Particle Cannon (Gerobi)/Mega Particle Cannon (Spread)
AC:  Fires a large gerobi. Decent startup and tracking.
4/6AC: Fires a wide area spread shot with the Mega Particle Cannon. Good tracking.

Special Melee: Funnel: Full Deployment
Deploys all funnels to surround the target. Pressing A will cause the funnels to fire all at once. Funnels will return to Sazabi after a period of time if A was not pressed. While Full Deployment is active, Sazabi cannot use his sub. If Full Deployment was used while sub funnels are deployed, the sub funnels will not fire.

2B: Beam Tomahawk Throw
Throws a beam tomahawk. Stuns on hit.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Tomahawk Slash

Sazabi slashes at the opponent and leaves them bouncing afterwards. Can be followed up with an attack afterwards.

5BB~BC: Beam Tomahawk Slash>Combo

Sazabi’s choice for melee damage. Completing the combo will net you 240+ damage on the opponent, but doing so takes up a decent amount of time.

8B: Char Kick™

Sazabi kicks the enemy. Its fast, and can be followed up with a 2B afterwards.

4/6BB: Punch and Kick

A simple punch and kick combo. Knocks the opponent upwards at the end.

4/6B>8B: Punch>Shield Missile

Sazabi launches missiles into the opponent instead of knocking it upwards.

CC8B: Beam Tomahawk Combo

Sazabi performs multiple slashes on the enemy while darting around. This is the melee combo you will want to use most because of its moving melee property.

Burst Attack

Axis Drop
[Axis is dropped ->causes a large radius explosion upon hit on terrain]





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