Model Number: MSN-06S Pilot: Full Frontal
Cost: 500 Hp: 680 Transform: X Form Change: X

A terrifying suit designed for Newtype use, and the personal craft of Full Frontal, “The Second Coming of Char”. Sinanju’s psycoframe allows it to respond to the will and intent of its pilot. Its maneuverability and acceleration put it in a league of its own.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 75 A standard beam rifle
Charged Main Rocket Bazooka  – 120 Knocks opponent down on hit
Sub Rocket Bazooka  4 120 5AB: Fires a single rocket
Rocket Bazooka (Barrel Roll) 106 4/6AB: Barrel roll in the direction while firing, up to 2 times
Special Shooting Meteorite kick  2 (4)


Kicks a meteorite and jumps in the input direction
Burst Attack Value of the Future  – 329(B)/294(L) ABC: Slashing combo
Beam Rifle: Continuous Fire 304(B)/293(L) 2ABC: Fires its beam rifle repeatedly while doing a barrel roll each time, cuts tracking.


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 184 Standard 3 slash 
5BB~8B 244 Uppercuts and somersaults over target. Bounces.
5BB~A 213 Point blank bazooka
8B 8B 166 Sinanju stabs an enemy then drills into them
4/6B 4/6BB 128
Sinanju slashes once then does a spinning slash upwards
2B Derivative 5B, 4/6B,8B ~2B varies
Roundhouse kick, 2B derivative.  Kicks target away, dust down. 
2B 2B  156 Sinanju jabs the enemy with a beam saber before ramming it into a meteorite
104 If too near a wall or terrain, Sinanju does a few jabs instead.
CC8B CC8BB 158 Slashthrough x2
BC (Beam Naginata Spin) BC 207 Has Shooting guard during the spinning animation. 

Cancel Routes:

4/6AB: 4/6AB



Possessing overwhelming combat ability, formidable speed and a crimson body, Sinanju is a suit truly fitting of the mantle “the Second Coming of Char”. An extremely mobile suit even in the game, Sinanju is able to cover great distances with its boost dash outside of Burst. This allows Sinanju to move quickly in and out of your enemies’ red lock range, making his attacks very safe. With proper boost management and movement, your opponents will find themselves struggling to land a hit on you. Sinanju is equipped with a standard beam rifle main and a bazooka sub. While this might appear unappealing in terms of variety, this combination will make for the majority of Sinanju’s damage. Generally, you will find yourself poking at the enemy with Sinanju’s beam rifle and punishing landings with the high-tracking bazooka in the neutral game. Because Sinanju is so mobile, it does this considerably better than other 500 cost suits. It also possesses a high tracking CSa that downs on hit, so be sure to use it whenever possible.

Sinanju’s special shooting, the meteorite kick, can be used in a variety of ways. Kicking the meteorite forward makes the meteorite double as a one-hit shooting barrier. Kicking it backwards or to the side allows Sinanju to travel a considerable distance. This is especially useful if you’re planning to chase an opponent down. Finally, the meteorite can also be used as a cancel from your beam rifle, if you’re out of beam rifle or bazooka ammo, to get a knockdown on an opponent.

Sinanju is also gifted with a strong melee move pool. Its 4/6B is extremely fast, beating out many other moves in a clash situation. Its 5B combos do big damage if you end them with the 8B derivative. Its special melee has shooting guard properties for the first few frames if done raw, and can be linked from any other melee move for additional damage.

When in Burst, Sinanju becomes frighteningly fast, gains two more meteorites and access to two Burst Attacks. Sinanju’s Burst is generally used offensively as a way of landing a big hit on an opponent before abusing its heightened speed to quickly chase down the partner. As such, you will want to use your Burst gauge in halves as much as possible.

Despite all this, Sinanju does have one outstanding weakness: long reload times. Players will find themselves lacking or low on ammunition a lot of times in the neutral game, potentially forcing them to give up on a hit. Although this is slightly offset by its CSa, ammunition management will be important for those looking to play Sinanju.

On the whole, Sinanju is a well-rounded suit with good attacking options and amazing mobility. However, players will have to manage their ammunition and boost well to fully utilize what Sinanju has to offer.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
A standard beam rifle. Because of its slow reload speed, you will want to be careful with your shots.

Charged Main: Rocket Bazooka
Fires a single rocket. Knocks opponent down on hit, so it is useful as a punish if you can time it well. 

Sub: Rocket Bazooka/Rocket Bazooka (Barrel Roll)
AB: Fires a single rocket.
4/6AB: Sinanju does a barrel roll in the corresponding direction while firing. 4/6 version can be fired twice in succession. It can be used both offensively as well as defensively, making the bazooka a very versatile sub weapon. 

Special Shooting: Meteorite kick
Sinanju kicks a meteorite and jumps in the input direction. If a neutral direction is input, Sinanju will jump backwards. This move can be used in a variety of ways as well. It can be used as a weapon, a shield and as a way to move Sinanju in the direction you want even after overheating.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Tomahawk Slash
A standard slash combo that launches the opponent upwards at the end.

5BB~8B: Beam Tomahawk Slash>Combo
One of Sinanju’s big damage combos. Best used when you’re not at risk of getting interrupted by the second enemy.

5BBB~2B: Beam Tomahawk Slash>Kick
A lesser used derivative of the 5BB combo. Used when you want to end the combo quickly.

5BB~A: Beam Tomahawk Slash>Bazooka
Sinanju fires a bazooka that downs the enemy at the end. Good for situations where you want to chase down the opponent’s partner immediately afterwards. 

8BB: Beam Saber Drill
Sinanju stabs the enemy with its beam sabers and drills into them. Has no additional properties.

4/6BB: Spinning Slash
Sinanju slashes once then does a spinning slash upwards. This is the move you will be using most to get a hit. It is fast and has a quick startup.

2B: Meteorite Ram
Sinanju jabs its enemy with beam sabers before ramming it into a meteorite. Has no additional properties.

CC8B: Meteorite Slash Combo
Has moving melee properties, making it a safer melee choice compared to Sinanju’s other moves.

BC: Beam Naginata Spin
Sinanju spins its naginata while charging at the opponent. Has beam barrier properties. On hitting the opponent, does a combination attack with the naginata. If engaging in close~mid combat, opt for A~BC to close in safely. 

Burst Attack

Value of the Future

ABC: Sinanju does a combination of slashing attacks. On the fourth hit, Sinanju will summon a meteor to jump back towards the target. If Sinanju is too near the edge of the map or any terrain, the meteor will not appear and thus the entire attack will stop. Remember not to do this attack too near the edge of the map or if your target is near a building.  

Beam Rifle: Continuous Fire

2ABC: Sinanju fires its beam rifle repeatedly while doing a barrel roll each time. Each roll will cut tracking, but if your target side does any move that cuts tacking during the animation, the rest of the shots will not muzzle correct again. Input 4 or 6 to dictate which side to roll for each individual roll. 



Recommended Combos


Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes



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