Gundam Pixie (Fred ‘s Unit)

Model Number: RX-78XX Pilot: Fred Reber Cost: 300 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X A customised Gundam-type unit made for close quarter combat under Earth’s gravity. The source of the this particular Pixie unit was never clear- some say it was Unit 2 which was planned to be transferred to the White Base but was lost in transit;Continue reading “Gundam Pixie (Fred ‘s Unit)”

Gundam AGE-2

Model Number: AGE-2 / AGE-2DB Pilot: Asemu Asuno Cost: 400 Hp: 620 Transform: O Form Change: O A second-generation made after analyzing the data from AGE-1. Using a smart and lightweight frame, it has greatly improved mobility. It can also transform into the high speed cruising mode “Strider” to fly around with 3 times the usual propulsion. Move Summary AGE-2Continue reading “Gundam AGE-2”

Gundam 06 Mudrock

Model Number: RX-78-6 Pilot: Agar Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X The 6th unit made using a Gundam-type base, modified into a heavy artillery unit. The two Beam Cannons on its shoulder often have cooling issues, but it has overwhelming range and firepower compared to Mobile Suits of the same generation. Move Summary RangedContinue reading “Gundam 06 Mudrock”

Raider Gundam

Model Number: GAT-X370 Pilot: Clotho Buer Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: O Form Change: X A unit from the X300 series that has a similar inner frame to the Aegis Gundam. It transforms into a bird-like Mobile Armor form, allowing for high speed movement within Earth’s atmosphere. It excels in hit-and-run tactics. Move Summary MSContinue reading “Raider Gundam”

Garret Schitzer’s Zaku I

Model Number:MS-05S Pilot: Garret Schmitzer Cost: 300 Hp: 520 Transform: X Form Change: X A custom unit based off the Zaku I. It is equipped with an echo sensor, which allows it to continue fighting even if it is unable to get accurate data from camera vision. Its two shoulder armor plates greatly improves itsContinue reading “Garret Schitzer’s Zaku I”

Buster Gundam

  Model Number: GAT-X103 Pilot: Dearka Elsman Cost: 300 Hp: 520 Transform: X Form Change: X The long-ranged specialist unit among the GAT-X series that was developed by the Earth Alliance. Its backpack stores high firepower and long-ranged weapons with both beam and physical rounds, and its two main rifles can be joined together to greatly amplify their output.Continue reading “Buster Gundam”


Model Number: GNMS-XCVII Pilot: Alejandro Corner Cost: 400 Hp: 500 Transform: X Form Change: O (Alvatore)  A golden mobile suit powered by a GN Drive Tau. Normally the control core of the mobile armor “Alvatore”, it can also function as a standalone MS. Its design is based on the 1 Gundam, and despite its simple armament, it boasts potential rivalingContinue reading “Alvaaron”

Gundam AGE-1

Model Number: AGE-1 Pilot: Flit Asuno Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: O The AGE-1 was developed by the Asuno family, who are famed developers of legendary savior Mobile Suits bearing the name of ‘Gundam’. Equipped with the AGE system which allows it to collect data from its combat experience, it can craft newContinue reading “Gundam AGE-1”


Model Number:MSN-04Ⅱ Pilot: Char Aznable Cost: 500 Hp: 700 Transform: X Form Change: X A Newtype-only mobile suit that is owned by Neo Zeon, the Nightingale holds 10 funnels just like  α Azieru. The pair of large wing binders and 5 propellant tanks shows how Mobile Suits have evolved to pack great firepower into a smaller frame. MoveContinue reading “Nightingale”

Phantom Gundam

Model Number:EMS-TC02 Pilot: Font Baud Cost: 400 Hp: 620 Transform: O Form Change: △ (Phantom Light) One of the “Thousand Custom” prototype unit that is designed to have the capability to go against a thousand enemies at once. It is equipped with an incomplete Minovsky Drive, and is able to enter a cruising mode (MirageContinue reading “Phantom Gundam”