Thicc! Gundam Virtue’s DLC Trailer Is Out, Plus Details

Hot on the heels of the Barbatos Lupus release trailer, Gundam Virtue’s trailer just went live on the Bandai Namco Official Channel, and it’s even cooler than you imagined.

Just like in the anime, it looks like Gundam Virtue specializes in backline support with┬ádevastating firepower. One of its unique armaments is its GN Shield, which blocks all incoming damage for a set period of time. Unlike many other shield type armaments, the GN Shield does not dissipate with additional damage taken- at the 30-second mark of the video, you can see Virtue take a melee hit, but the timer does not decrease any faster. So basically, as long as you have the shield active, you are completely invincible. ­čÖé

Minor spoiler alert for those who have not seen Gundam 00, an anime which turns 10 this year- Gundam Virtue can purge his outer armor, revealing the sleeker and sexier Gundam Nadleeh inside. You move a lot faster as Nadleeh, and your weapons are more suited for close-range encounters. As with previous games, the immensely hype Dempsey Roll is back. Ippo fans rejoice!

The downside of purging your armor is that there’s no turning back into Virtue until you die, so players are expected to carefully consider if turning into Nadleeh is the better option.

Gundam Virtue will be released as DLC in July at the low cost of 620 yen + tax, but those who preorder the game will receive him free as a preorder bonus.


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