Tier List Update from EXVS Rank Ninja- Buster’s Pretty Great?!

Hey Gundam fans! EXVS Rank Ninja just dropped an updated tier list. Here’s a quick analysis of what has changed!

500 Cost

For the 500 cost, looks like there is a small amount of change in between a few units going between High/Mid A & B. And it looks like Nightingale has solidified its spot in the top tier.


400 Cost

For the 400 cost, the newly added Alvaaron is somehow.. not too bad? With tier lists like this, it’s easier to look at the top four and bottom five suits. But with the way the tiers look here, it honestly seems like every suit is viable.. aside from RX-78 🙁


300 Cost

For the 300 cost, the newly added Buster Gundam has also found its placing at High B. This should be expected since he provides high damage and heavy support, and has very good self defense options. And sadly for Gusion Rebake he is at the lowest tier of the 300 cost even after getting all those buffs back in Update Ver 1.06. While the higher tiers look mostly balanced out, the 300 cost is still far too weak. Maybe a cost-wide buff, like increased HP or boost, would do wonders for these poor suits.


200 Cost

For the 200 cost, nothing has changed. It’s in the same place as the 300 cost suits, where nothing is particularly viable at high level play.


And that’s about it for the tier list update. And as you guys know, Atlas Gundam will coming to this game in the month of November. We hope it finds a high place in the tier list, and we’ll be sure to let you guys know once its placement has been decided!




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